RSA enhances security solutions

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New Update

Bengaluru: RSA announced new consultative and advisory services to help

enterprises implement or improve their security operations function to

more effectively manage both risk and IT compliance programs. These

new consulting and advisory services are based on the expertise from

EMC consulting and security division, RSA.


As cyber threats become more sophisticated and IT systems more

complex, large enterprises are examining ways to improve the

performance and responsiveness of IT and security operations. Taking a

more advanced approach to security operations, while also integrating

key IT operations functions, better enables organizations to identify

and manage incidents and protect valuable information and IT assets.


To address these issues in large enterprise environments, RSA are

introducing a comprehensive suite of consulting and advisory services

which complement the company's security solutions. Together, the

services and solutions are engineered to provide customers with a

broader set of capabilities to effectively:

Gather and analyze security data across the enterprise

Evaluate risk in order to prioritize remediation

Detect and react to security incidents, including first-line response

to incidents

Monitor the IT environment to ensure effectiveness of security controls

Report out on security metrics

Support the organizations' efforts to address IT compliance requirements


"Advanced enterprise risk management spans both periodic IT

architecture assessment and proactive management across numerous

systems to address the critical security challenges that organizations

are facing today," said Irida Xheneti, Security Services Research

Analyst, IDC. "Organizations must think beyond the traditional view of security and understand how broader capabilities contribute to build a

more advanced security operations function that can help effectively

manage risk and enable an organization to further their business

objectives," he added.

"Taking a broader view of risks — monitoring not just the perimeter

but where the data moves and resides whether in the infrastructure or

not — and aligning processes across both security and IT operations

provides the visibility and control to detect and mitigate information

security threats before they impact a business," said Mischel Kwon,

VP-Public Sector Security Solutions at RSA.