SafeNet's New Technology Enables SIs And SPs To Implement The Business Models

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Considering the changing customer demand due to the impact of market

slowdown, Gupta insists on implementing solution that are cost efficient and

ensures higher ROI. excerpts from the interview


Brief us about SafeNets solution offerings.

SafeNet provides solutions that cater to the needs of small as well as medium
businesses while scaling up the performance and volume needs of large

enterprises. SafeNet's Sentinel Software Rights Management technology is used by

start-ups as well as the medium sized business all the way up to multi-billion

dollar enterprises. The architectural strength of SafeNet's Sentinel Software

Rights Management technology is to scale up and cater to the needs of variety of

customer segments.

Organizations investing in Sentinel SRM technology can be assured of the long

term RoI of their investment. They don't have to invest their efforts in finding

new solutions or implementing new solutions as the investment that they made in

the SafeNet SRM technology will continue catering to their needs.


During the recession period, what all changes have you observed in the

customer's demand.

Economic downturn has brought forth challenges for organizations

necessitating conservation of cash. That has made them look for ways to look for

efficiencies — including how they spend on the software/systems that they need.

Amongst many other things they would like to:

  • Pay for 'concurrent' licenses rather than buying 'seat' licenses to ensure

    higher utilization factor
  • 'pay as per usage' rather than paying upfront
  • get the assured access to the latest version of the software and not

    having to go through the complex cycles of software upgrades and deployments

    at their sites — something that is enabled through 'SaaS' model

SafeNet's Sentinel SRM technology enables system integrators and system

providers to implement the business models in order to meet their customer



Do you see SaaS gaining acceptance in the market? What are the challenges

involved at the deployment level?

I am confident of SaaS emerging as a widely accepted model in the market. As

is the case with any technology and product, there is an adaptation life-cycle

that the market has to go through. At the moment there are competing needs on

the minds of customer base. On one hand, there are needs to manage the cash

flow, avoiding expense on software deployment and upgrade cycles, access to

latest versions etc. while on the other hand there is anxiety about access to

application and data on 24x7 basis, performance in an interconnected

environment, security of corporate data residing on offsite servers (residing at

SaaS providers' end) and compliance to regulatory framework.

Tell us about your current distribution model?

SafeNet's Software Rights Management products are available directly from
SafeNet as well as through our solution partners and distribution partners. We

continue to look for expansion of the distribution model, going forward with the

intent to expand our reach in the market as well as facilitating the options to

our customer base that they are comfortable with.

What are the major challenges that you see in the network security area?

Networks are no long constrained to the physical boundaries of

organizations. It is the need of the day to evolve strategies for protecting the

data rather than protecting the network, the latter has turned out to be one

part of the former.

Amrita Tejasvi