Sahi Pro powers Test Automation of eBaoTech’s Digital Insurance Platform

About eBaoTech

eBaoTech’s mission is to “make insurance easy”. With more than 150 installations in more than 30 countries, eBaoTech is one of the global leaders in insurance technology. From its inception in 2000, eBaoTech has been an innovation leader at the intersection of insurance and internet. eBaoTech offers world leading insurance software solutions for both life and general insurances. Digital insurance is the central theme in the coming years and eBaoTech is well positioned to be a global leading partner for insurance industry to move to the digital age.


eBaoTech-Collaborus started out with manual testing. Subsequently, the company started looking for a tool which could solve all its automation needs especially the PDF comparison, quick regression execution on multiple browsers. The company also wanted an easy to implement and understand framework with reusability and adaptability in a high paced environment. eBaoTech-Collaborus analysed and did Proof of Concept (POC) on multiple automation tools and IP products from IT vendors. The company found that these tools were not fulfilling all their needs plus they were expensive and tough to gain mastery on. eBaoTech-Collaborus moved to Sahi Pro about a year ago and have been using it as its preferred Web Test Automation Tool.


The test automation team at eBaoTech-Collaborus is going through the evolution process whereby they are picking up the test automation knowledge in addition to their daily manual testing work. Unlike the traditional team structure which has separate automation and manual testing teams, eBaoTech-Collaborus works on a pool concept. Herein, all QA (Quality Assurance) team members are trained to be excellent and expert in every testing domain.

eBaoTech-Collaborus has used Sahi Pro for testing of multiple web applications of different products developed in JAVA-J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, JSF, HTML, Ajax, Apache Wicket, MySQL. The company has also used Sahi Pro with supported tools, including Jenkins and SVN.


eBaoTech-Collaborus is getting a lot of benefits of automation and load testing using SahiPro, as it is very well integrated with Jenkins and DiffPDF. Sahi Pro provides help to implement continuous integration best practices as well. eBaoTech-Collaborus started with manual regression test execution of their products. This was taking approximately 8 Person Days of effort for a build release. After automation using Sahi Pro, the regression test execution completes in approximately 1 Person Day, an effort savings of more than 85%. eBaoTech-Collaborus has planned approximately 80 such build deliveries in a year and foresees massive savings based on the results extracted so far.

Sahi Pro creates win-win situation for employee as well as employer where manual testers skill enhancement provides better job satisfaction to employee and employer gets the benefits of employee retention, automation and load testing. ”

Rahul Agarwal, Manager Testing, Automation & QA,

The major reason we chose Sahi Pro was because it is light, simple and provides all the basic functions needed by us. Every team member is able to pick up in very short time as compared to other tools like HP and IBM Rational Tester. ”

Tan Lun Suan, QA Manager
Integro Technologies (subsidiary of Aurionpro)

Overall, because of ease of use, eBaoTech-Collaborus is getting into a daily sanity run and a weekly regression run which is going to further reduce the various phases of Quality Assurance in the continuous integration setup. By simulating an incremental concurrent load of required number of users, eBaoTech-Collaborus has improved the performance of its applications for the expensive steps reported. Constant interaction with the Sahi Pro support team with respect to new releases translated into using the new functionality on improved automation frameworks

Additional benefits provided by Sahi Pro to eBaoTech-Collaborus are as follows:

  • It is easy to learn and use by the QA team, as it does not need any advanced programming background

  • It provides enough confidence on performance testing as well

  • It integrates with DiffPDF and provides help in comparing the PDF result files which is a very critical test in the Insurance industry

  • It has ability to do cross-browser testing

  • It has ability to playback multiple scripts simultaneously

  • Sahi Pro has effective Reporting dashboard

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