Samsung Brings ‘Back to Business’ Solutions with New Range

Samsung has launched a range of ‘Back to Business’ solutions for retail as well as commercial establishments. Its new solutions include outdoor displays.

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Samsung Back to Business Solutions

Samsung has launched a range of ‘Back to Business’ solutions for retail as well as commercial establishments. These new solutions include outdoor displays and video conferencing solutions that will help businesses resume normal operations and work smartly, integrating safety measures as well as addressing remote working requirements of their workforce.


The new range of intelligent outdoor display and signage boards can be used by businesses for crowd monitoring, body temperature measurement, and mask detection as well as for displaying offers of the day and corporate messages, ensuring all social distancing protocols are followed.

To ensure seamless online interaction and to work efficiently and seamlessly from any location, Samsung has collaborated with CISCO Webex and Logitech to provide a meeting room and video conferencing solutions, thereby bringing Samsung’s unmatched visual display technology and dynamic video conferencing offerings together to address remote working requirements.

This partnership brings together the industry’s most comprehensive display lineup including digital signage and desktop monitors, with a wide variety of video conferencing solutions offered by CISCO Webex and Logitech. Samsung’s entire range of 2020 display line up is compatible with these solutions.


“We understand the changing needs of businesses in the current times. Keeping that in mind, our innovative solutions are designed to enhance productivity, increase collaboration, and help businesses connect with their consumers even as they practice caution.

Our new display solution line up reinvents our offerings as businesses resume operations,” said Puneet Sethi, Vice President, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.

“The comprehensive lineup includes digital signage, desktop monitors, and a wide variety of collaborative video conferencing solutions for businesses and we are hopeful that these solutions will contribute to their growth and transformation,” he added.


Display Solutions for Changing Times

Samsung’s outdoor display solutions have been introduced keeping in mind the Standard Operation Procedures that are prevalent in today’s time. In recent months, these solutions have been installed at various large government as well as private institutions and corporations.

Samsung Entrance Solution: This solution offers people-counting capability and access control that allows only a permitted number of individuals to enter the store or building and maintain social distancing.


It comes with easy configuration and a camera with Magic INFO Solution that helps the user create, schedule, and play content across signage network

Social Safety Signage Solution: The latest signage solution tightly combined with thermal mirrors equips businesses with various features including body temperature measurement, mask detection, social distancing, and traffic control along with crowd monitoring that can be easily accessed and handled via mobile app support and smart access

Standalone Display: This display helps businesses showcase promotions-based content while encouraging social distancing to create engagement with potential customers.


The display comes with a slim, contemporary design that effortlessly fits into any space and delivers crisp visibility even in bright sunlight.

It also allows the users to push the desired content from any remote location with the help of built-in Magic INFO Solution

Transforming the New Ways of Work: In collaboration with CISCO Webex & Logitech


The Samsung SMART Signage and the Cisco Webex Room Kits are compatible and seamlessly use the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) technology which simplifies the operation of displays by automatically configuring settings.

Some of the key features offered basis the collaboration between Samsung & CISCO to create a work smart–stay connected environment are:

Intelligent video conferencing: Samsung and Cisco solutions help to create a smooth video conference experience. It automatically enters the optimized model to minimize lag in video playback, eliminate echo and solve lip-syncing issues


Smart operation of displays: The solutions facilitate smart operations by using a mutual connection. The Samsung display information syncs with the Cisco codec, allowing users to manage the displays efficiently

Webex on Flip: Samsung Flip and Cisco Room Kit Mini come with the ability to share and source content from multiple connected devices, provides smooth video conferencing, crystal-clear audio, and detailed picture quality.

Available in 55-inch and 65-inch screen sizes, Webex on Flip allows for both video conferencing and a digital flipchart simultaneously to produce a more productive and engaging collaboration in any business setting

Conference cameras: Samsung’s collaboration with Logitech would allow Logitech's USB-compatible conference cams such as MeetUp and Rally, and webcams such as Logitech Brio, C930e, C925e to pair with Samsung displays and transform any location into an integrated workspace