Samsung develops first eight-die multi chip package

DQC Bureau
New Update

Samsung Electronics has developed the world's first eight-die multi-chip

package (MCP) technology, to be used in high-capacity mobile devices such as 3G

handsets and other smaller mobile devices. Using its Wafer Supporting System

technology to makes wafers thinner during design processing, Samsung has been

able to minimize overall chip thickness as well as decrease the space between

the stacked dies. As a result, the MCP solution offers a combined capacity of

3.2 gigabits in a package that is 1.4mm thick, equaling the thickness of a

four-die MCP solution.


The eight-chip MCP is a compact, high-capacity solution that is likely to

trigger development of new next-generation mobile applications. It will provide

greater functionality in cell phones and other smart mobile devices, from movie

videos to games as well as faster Internet access.

The MCP uses all memory chips available for mobile products in a single

11x14x1.4mm package. It includes two 1Gb NAND flash memories, two 256Mb NOR

flash memories, two 256Mb mobile DRAMs, one 128Mb UtRAM and one 64Mb UtRAM.

iSuppli, a market research organization, has predicted that the 3G mobile phone

market will expand on an average of 87% percent a year.