Samtel to produce 8.6 million pic tube units

DQC Bureau
New Update


June 8, 2006


The Samtel Group is planning to expand its picture tube manufacturing market,

with a forecast of producing 8.6 million units this year. The company has

embarked on Rs 310 crore capacity expansion for its television picture tube

manufacturing. Satish K Kaura, CMD, Samtel Color Limited said that company has

invested about Rs 310 crore for expanding the existing capacity of its plant at

Dadri, Uttar Pradesh and is setting up a plant in Kota, Rajasthan.

“From the current half a million production of the picture tube, this year

the production should be 8.6 million units. Next year we are planning production

of 10 million units,” Kaura said. He added that the company would focus mainly

on the domestic market.

However, it might export 3.3 million units for the foreign market. “But we

have not finalized the number of units to be exported as we will be mainly

focusing on the local market,” he added.

Speaking about the flat panel and LCD market, Kaura said that company would

venture in to the plasma and flat screen manufacturing. He said that presently

the plan is being discussed and would take about six to eight months for