SCO ships HipCheck mobile service

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New Update


OCTOBER 6, 2006


The SCO Group, a provider of UNIX software technology and mobile services,

announced the availability of HipCheck, the latest offering from the company's

Me Inc. mobile services division that proactively monitors and manages UNIX and

Windows systems through Windows Mobile phones.

HipCheck is the only mobile administration solution on the market that

combines system monitoring and alerts with secure mobile intervention. As a

result, technicians are able to detect, diagnose and correct many common system

problems much more quickly than before.

HipCheck allows business solution providers and IT system administrators to

continually monitor the health of Windows and UNIX systems, setting alert

thresholds for a wide range of parameters. The instant a condition reaches a

threshold, an SMS or email message is sent to an authorized technician's mobile

phone. "Early warning" alerts can be set on certain parameters, a critical disk

drive getting too full, for example, that lets the technician takes preventative



"We believe HipCheck will satisfy the mobile access and support needs of many

IT managers with ease," said Chris Woolfenden, Technical Director at Yanex, a

leading UK information technology services firm.

By allowing highly mobile system administrators to 'take the offensive,'

HipCheck customers will see higher overall uptime, more productive users and

lower maintenance costs," said Sandy Gupta, CTO and General Manager, SCO

Platforms Division.

HipCheck is made up of three components; HipCheck Agent, Client and Mobility

Server. HipCheck Agent is software installed on each system that needs to be

monitored. It is the latest addition to SCO's Me Inc. family of high performance

mobile solutions.