SCO to strengthen partner base

After the recent renaming of Caldera to SCO, the company is looking at
strengthening its presence in the channel. This effort comes in the wake of the
formation of UnitedLinux. UnitedLinux is an alliance between Conectiva SA, SuSE
Linux, Turbolinux and SCO to streamline Linux development and certification.

in the last year, registered a healthy growth of almost 22 percent across
certain segments like defense, education and government. It is now looking at
addressing the SMB market by offering a complete solution that encompasses
servers and desktops.

Realizing that it will be difficult to get a large number of partners to
start selling Unix and Linux products, the company is focusing on moving its
existing channel partners up the value chain. "We will focus on all the
qualitative aspects in developing our partners," says Srikanta Acharya,
Country Director, India and South East Asia, SCO Group.

Training partners to deliver solutions is top on SCO’s agenda. "We
will go to the extent of tailoring a training program for partners," adds
Srikanta. Also on the agenda are developing models that effectively show the
customer that total cost of ownership for Linux and Unix-based system is lower.


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