Secure Computing gets OPSEC certification

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Bangalore: Secure Computing Corporation has achieved Check Point OPSEC (Open

Platform for Security) certification, seamlessly interfacing its global

reputation system, Trusted Source, with the market-leading Check Point VPN-1

Power gateway.

"Customers can now take full advantage of Secure Computing's global

reputation intelligence by simply interfacing the TrustedSource module with

Check Point," said Atri Chatterjee, senior VP at Secure Computing.

"The powerful combination of TrustedSource and VPN-1 yields significant

benefits such as easy installation, policy management and overall


TrustedSource evaluates the reputation of Web entities and communications in

real time, based on behavior. TrustedSource provides reputation scores for IPs,

domains and URLs. Using this real-time scoring via the TrustedSource module,

Check Point VPN-1 Power can allow organizations to drop connections from

malicious sources in order to prevent security threats such as spam and phishing,

reclaim bandwidth and reduce server processing.


Check Point VPN-1 Power gateway provides security and remote connectivity for

enterprise network environments. When interfaced with VPN-1 Power, the new

TrustedSource module enables customers to eliminate 90 percent of incoming spam

and malicious email at the gateway, providing enhanced security and bandwidth


"Enterprises today desire interoperability to leverage multiple

solutions in their IT infrastructure," said Bob Egner, VP, product

management for Check Point. "OPSEC Certification of Secure Computing's

TrustedSource module for Check Point VPN-1 Power ensures that our joint

customers can benefit from a powerful combination of technologies to defend

against the myriad of threats they face each day."