SecureSynergy launches automated patch management solution

DQC Bureau
New Update

SecureSynergy, a technology services company, has launched its automated patch management solution - PatchEasy. Patch management refers to automatic updating or 'patching' of all networked PCs and servers with the required updates, security patches, bug fixes, version upgrades, service packs and signature updates to ensure that all the clients, servers and applications are running the most current and updated software to avoid security breaches or hacker attacks. 


PatchEasy offers organizations of all sizes an efficient and effective way to manage and deploy patches with ease. PatchEasy enables enterprises to review and deploy patches that have been thoroughly tested for interdependencies and compatibility within their unique IT environment. 

"Closely monitoring, testing and staying current with security patches on all systems goes a long way in addressing the most common vulnerabilities," says SecureSynergy CEO, Felix Mohan. 

"The PatchEasy solution is specifically intended for continuous, proactive deployment of security patches and updates. Traditional manual approach to patch deployment is bound to fail because the volume of patches, network incidents and application vulnerabilities are outstripping the ability of th IT staff to keep up-to-date and ready," he adds. 


Patch Easy automates patch management for all Microsoft business and consumer applications like Windows Server 2003, XP, IIS, MS Office, Internet Explorer and several others. The pricing of the automated patch managed solution is based on the number of PCs/servers managed. 

PatchEasy will be available with one, two and three-year subscription options and will ship simultaneously across Asean countries, Indian sub continent, CIS Republics, Southern Europe and Middle East markets through SecureSynergy's distribution and channel organization.