Security Solutions Distributor's Business Growth in 2021 - I

Security Solutions Distributor's Business Growth in 2021 - I and talks about the reasons for his business growth in 2021 post-lockdown

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RAH Infotech is a security solutions distributor in India. Ashok Kumar, MD, RAH Infotech talks about the business graph of his organisation.


What has been the business growth of RAH as a security distributor in 2021?

Security, whether in the cyber space or network, has seen tremendous momentum in last year, especially post Covid. The pandemic disrupted the way businesses operate. Restricted physical movement, remote working, and virtual meetings – all these demanded a robust digital infrastructure and future ready applications to be in place to maintain business continuity, and on top of that, this infrastructure needed a near fool-proof security apparatus to work 24x7 to ensure sensitive and crucial information does not land with an untended entity. Security solutions remained the top priority for CIOs of enterprises in 2020-21 as the technological disruptions forced by Covid opened up security vulnerabilities to multifold.

At RAH with having over 30 global security solutions players as our partners, we have seen unprecedented demand for security solutions from our OEMs. Solutions related to data protection, network visibility, EDR, application security, DDoS, VAPT and Ransomware saw maximum deployment throughout the year. Besides, cloud security solutions also saw unprecedented growth during the same period. 


How do you compare it to the previous year?

Security has always been a top-of-mind product for CIOs of enterprises. If I compare both the years, a significant amount of growth for cyber-security solutions actually started during last year which continued in the current year. The only difference that was witnessed during this year is that the SMEs, SMBs and startups have also taken security quite seriously and this is being seen in the number and size of security solutions deployment. 

To what causes do you attribute these figures?


There are multiple reasons for this uptake in security solutions deployments. First, organisations, across sizes, have increasingly relying on data to run their businesses. Sharing information across the digital interface internally and externally has created avenues for hackers and cyber-criminals to access networks. Thus, the need for cyber defense is crucial among organisations. Furthermore, the rapid increase in vulnerabilities, threats, frauds and risks has compelled businesses to modify strategic measures to counter cyber-attacks, subsequently driving the market growth.

Second, Covid turned out to be a unwanted trigger for major shake ups in organisations as far as IT was perceived. The pandemic accelerated shift to digital transformation in many organizations by multiple years. Third, introduction of IoT and AI has started generating enormous amount of data for enterprises and these enterprises need reliable infrastructure to safeguard their sensitive data. All these factors contributed to the growth.