SES Tech targets SIs for Dialogic cards

SES Technologies is targeting SIs for its Dialogic IVR telecom cards. The
company became the exclusive distributor for Dialogic cards in India a quarter
ago. Initially it was targeting corporate and government institutions directly.
But now SES Technologies has decided to sell through a select network of SIs.

Rajeev Chaudhari, Associate VP, SES Technologies, "We want specialized
partners who can develop and offer solutions based on Dialogic IVR cards. We are
creating a new channel network of niche partners." At the moment the
company is targeting 25 partners who sell telecom solutions to government and
financial institutions as well as call centers.

These solutions can be used for reservations, telebanking and other voice
server applications.

Talking about margins, Rajeev says, "There are no fixed margins as in
box business. It all depends on the solutions that the SI develops. The more
useful the solution, the higher is his profit margin." Dialogic cards are
priced from Rs 50,000 to Rs 2.5 lakh.


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