SES to become a one-stop provider for the channels

DQC Bureau
New Update

Mumbai-based SES Technologies is changing its focus from being an exclusive Intel-alone distributor to distributing products of other companies as well.Â

The company has recently been appointed the national distributor for Acer'sÂ

range of LCD monitors and would soon be taking up distribution of Mercury's optical range of products. 


According to Rajeev Chaudhari, Associate VP, SES Technologies, "SES was always known as a component distributor because of Intel. But now, we want

to be a one-stop provider for the channels. As we stopped distributing the Benq range of products, a vendor like Acer would fill in the gap.

Discussions are on for Acer's notebooks but nothing has been finalized as yet." 

He adds, "LCD monitors have come of age in India as prices have come downÂ

sharply. Therefore, this is the right time to take up the distribution of this range. In the case of Mercury, we are distributing its motherboard

range and now we are planning to take up the optical range of products. In fact, a vendor like Mercury has a wide range of products, therefore in the 

future SES may consider taking up products like digital cameras and keyboards also." 

SES will distribute these new products through its existing network of nearly 1,500 channel partners across the country. On the promotion front,

the company is planning to conduct soft launches through roadshows, channel meets and incentive schemes.