Shipa Bokhad: Life Is Best, Not for Rest

Ekta Saxena
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Shipa Bokhad, manager, Power Technics Infosolutions is candid and very rational when it comes to handling life.


What are the challenges of being a woman branch manager?

"Being a woman manager interaction with number of people at a time, dictating terms for them, and controlling the situation is one of the challenge. Also in small scale industries systems are not formed, so doing work with team and justifying others are again creating new challenges, " says Shipa candidly.

The educational background

BE (E&TC), With distance learning PGDA from Pune. Shilpa completed her education ie from first standard to Engineering from Nagpur (Vidarbha) Maharashtra.

The family Background

Hers is a close-knit family of four, besides her including mother, Sudha Bokhad, father, Sadanand Bokhad, and sister Swapna Raj Gupta.


Working in Male-dominated field of IT

According to Shipa, it's quite good experience as woman, most of corporate professionals are very cooperative. However challenge comes, when there is competition. And market moves on services and relationships.

Does a Glass ceiling exist?

Yes I think so, experiences vary according to individual and background, however it does exist, says Shipa. In her opinion, the social structure, cultural aspects, overall scenario make the glass ceiling exist.

Advice to working women

"Being working a woman has to play many roles and so she should first identify where her happiness, peace lie and accordingly she should act. And most important thing for women, that one should not mess up with emotions and responsibilities at workplace or areas of life. Mostly a woman's life is driven with their strong emotions and accordingly, they act so she should act considering reality and facts of life.



Painting and meditation and Yoga

Future plans

Shilpa is keen to grow her career alongwith family and love One of her passions is paintings through which she fully expresses herself.



Wake up at: 6 am

Morning activities: Go for Gym or Walk

Leaving for Office at: 9.30 am

Ist half in office: On calls and completion of last days work

Lunch: Uncertain

Post Lunch: Mostly at client's place

Leaving office at: 6.30pm

How you spend your evenings: In cooking food & completing some household chores, chatting with friends. And on internet.

Sleep time: 11pm


Your Fitness Mantra: Daily exercise and Be positive always.

Your De-stressing Mantra: Be with myself & connected with God.

Where you like to shop? : Where there is decent and new verity of stuff available.

Your favourite holiday destination: Matheran & Kashmir