Shirish Anjaria believes in living life the way it comes

Shirish Anjaria believes in living life the way it comes. But complacent he is not. On the contrary, he is one of the members of a dynamic group of systems integrators who have come together to launch the Millennium PC. This particular venture is his pet project and he wants to ensure that it will be a runaway success.

It is this very trademark determination that has been an evident feature of Shirish’s life. He started off as an administrative executive in an insurance company before joining Dynacons in 1985, when the organization was into management consultancy. Although he made this switch after two decades of working as a salaried employee, Shirish did not suffer from any panic pangs. He plunged himself into the works and within two years took over Dyancons. Shirish says, “The margins exisiting then were very lucrative and the market was an open field. Besides, I wanted to do something that was new. Something that would offer me the challenge that was lacking in a 9 to 5 job. And when I came across the opportunity of joining Dynacons, I just jumped at it.”

The first thing that Shirish did after taking over was to change switch over to developing software and providing support for software and hardware. He says, “Providing support was not a very well known aspect then. It was necessary to educate the customer instead of selling products to him.” Very few people shared his sentiment as it was box-pushing that took precedence then. But Shirish had a gut feeling that support was where the entire industry was heading at and he took a plunge.

This gamble did pay off well. Today, Dynacons has made a mark for itself in the software and hardware support segment. This is evident from the fact that most of their associations with regular customers date back to almost 12 years. And some of their customers like NMIIS Institute in Mumbai and Blue Cross still come to Dynacons for all their IT requirements.

“Customer satisfaction is of essence in this industry. And they will quickly understand whether you are sincere and hardworking. Unless you do a smashing job for your clientele, there is no way you can survive in this industry.”

Besides customer loyalty, Shirish also believes in staff satisfaction. He maintains that IT is all about team work. “You can’t succeed without the backing of your own team. I make it a point to ensure that with every success of Dynacon the entire team succeeds too.”

This is probably why a visitor to Dynacon will be greeted by smiling employees who work late hours not because they are forced to, but because they wish to. As one of employees said, “Shirishbhai treats us just like his kids. In fact with him around, it is hard to be believe that we are paid for working in such a pleasant environment.”

While he is not busy managing the entire show at Dyancons, Shirish likes to take off in his car with his family to scenic locales in the country. “Driving and yoga are my passions. Besides these two, my latest passion is the Millennium PC.”

The Millennium PC is a brand which provides a quiality machine with top quality after sale support. As a lead member of the Millennium Systems Integrators group, Shirish says, “As integrators we have an in-depth idea of what the customer requires. With the Millennuim PC, we will offer flexibility to our customer’s. Some of the larger OEM’s are not in a position to do this because they are not in direct contact with the customer with the customer.”

Today, Shirish is working hard at making Dynacons a public issue. He is not interested in being ranked as a preimer player in the industry. “I do not believe in the volume games. I believe in an effective game.”

-A CI Report

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