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Sify Technologies to deliver 400G-ready Metro Networks

Sify Technologies Limited has selected Ciena’s converged packet optical solutions to address rising customer demand and provide greater support for increasing data volumes, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud-based services and Big Data analytics.

Sify can now scale its network capacity from 100G to 400G to deliver ultra-high, data-heavy bandwidth services and manage unpredictable traffic growth for its customers, which include Over the Top (OTT) providers, financial services institutions and healthcare organizations.

Key Facts:

·         Sify Technologies Limited is an information and communications technology provider (ICT) offering end-to-end solutions delivered over a telecom data network reaching more than 1,400 cities and towns in India

·         With the growing adoption of both private and public clouds in India, bandwidth demand for connecting data centres and cloud providers is growing exponentially. Sify offers Data Center Interconnect and Cloud Interconnect that deliver the required bandwidth and performance characteristics for reliable and cost-effective solutions that power the cloud strategies of large enterprises in the financial services, media and digital verticals.

·         Today, Sify’s Data Center Interconnect footprint covers more than 40 data centres in India. The Cloud Interconnect offering provides on-demand access to leading public cloud and SAAS providers in India. The Ciena deployment helps Sify scale its network on demand and provides the key network characteristics to support its customers’ requirements.

·         By leveraging Ciena’s Waveserver Ai and 6500 Packet-Optical Platforms powered by WaveLogic Ai coherent technology, Sify can program its network to adapt to changing service requirements in real-time while supporting large capacities in the metro networks.

·         Another key attribute of this deployment is Ciena’s advanced software capabilities, including PinPoint software that will allow Sify to address with precision any potential trouble spots, reducing the risk of outages and accelerating repair times from days to hours. Additionally, Ciena’s Blue Planet Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) software will give Sify real-time software control and improve network visibility.

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