Silicon Netsecure to Eye on Banking, Healthcare & Hospitality Sectors

Silicon Netsecure one of the leading solution players in the field of information security is playing a key role in the mid-market and enterprise space. Tushar Parekh, CEO of the company was in Bengaluru for a private channel event. McAfee, Sonicwall, Sophos, Fortinet, Symantec, IBM, Array Networks, Google & AltN Technologies

Banking, NBFC, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality are the key markets he wants to expand.

“We specialize in Information Security, Storage & Backup Solutions, DR, Virtualization, Business Continuity & Emailing Solutions.  We mainly focus on Data Leakage Prevention, Encryption, SIEM, IPS, Firewalls, APT, MDM, SLB & GSLB Solutions, IAM & PIM Solutions”

We, Silicon Netsecure, present ourselves as India’s leading Information Security Services Provider & Partner. Since 2000, our focus has been on Networks & Information Security Services. Our clients gain from this specialization, as they attempt to measure and manage Information Risk in an increasingly complex business and operating environment. We review the security environment as a whole and advise organisations on the best practices and applications to meet legal compliance and company obligations. We constantly review new technologies to satisfy the emerging customer requirements. We are firmly committed to continuous customer-centric innovation. The company develops its innovative network security and storage solutions on the fundamental belief that customers need converged, easy to manage, and reliable solutions that provide them with the capacity and security to maximise business opportunities. Our technical knowledge, expertise & support have been one of our main USP’s.

Tushar tells that as a security partner one needs to invest continuously in subject matter experts in focused areas and be abreast with all the new developments to be ahead of the curve. “Many a times after investments the resources are developed, they are being pursued by bigger rivals and poached, also security is very subjective we need to give free consultancy to the customer in all matters related to security even though it doesn’t fall under our purview and that takes lot of our time.”  He says.

Cloud Story in India:

Cloud is the way forward. Although complete adoption of Cloud based services will take some time due to bandwidth speed & cost constrains. Tushar feels that cloud has an impact on traditional selling models and many customers have already moved to the cloud in some way and most are planning as they think they will get unmatched resiliency, support and scale. “Cloud will be big in India in few years and I think around 70% will adopt to cloud. Cloud security is still in its nascent stage as lot of security vendors are evolving around cloud players like AWS and Azure, but there are still gaps and challenges which needs to be addressed to have tight-knit security in place, we as security focused SI are already aligned with major players in the industry and building our team for security practices on major platforms to help our customer in areas of cloud security and compliance.” he says.

There is a consolidation wave in the security industry as leaders are realigning their strategy and focusing on delivering advance solutions and as a SI, I see a big opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell security that compliments the existing infrastructure with technologies, also trend is moving towards more cognitive and machine learning technologies and customers would look at players who can deliver end-to-end technologies and help them address security at every step.

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