SiS671FX-based Asus P5S-MX SE motherboard

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New Update

SiS-SiS671FX, which is integrated with the Mirage 3 graphics engine, has been

implemented in the Asus P5S-MX SE motherboard. Asus P5S-MX SE is fully

compatible with Windows Vista.


Based on the SiS671FX chipset, Asus P5S-MX SE motherboard supports FSB

1066/800/533MHz Intel Core 2 Duo/ Pentium D/ Pentium

4/ Celeron processors. It also supports DDR2-667 memory and allows up to 5.4GB
of transmission bandwidth. The Mirage 3 graphics engine is also integrated in

the SiS671FX chipset to support 2D and 3D playback. The Mirage 3 graphics engine

smoothes the image quality of the system when playing games or watching DVDs.

The SiS968 Southbridge chipset is paired with the SiS671FX to strengthen the

P5S-MX SE motherboard. It supports PCI Express x1 interface, provides two

high-speed Serial ATA connectors to speed up the data transmission process, and

increases the stability of the system by supporting RAID0 and RAID1.

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