Skill development training program inaugurated in India

Dhaval Gupta
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Four new batches of computer hardware and networking and electrical gadget repairing started at Astric Centre of Excellence (COE) as a part of its mission to ensure skill development of under privileged and dropout youth masses at Patna. Today, Astric centre of excellence has completed five years in conducting various skill development training program sponsored by National Institute of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development (NIESBUD).


The computer hardware and networking training programme is intended towards employability enhancement of youth aged between 18-35years. This programme is focused for skill development to enable the under privileged mass in joining the main stream. COE was recently awarded this programme by National Institute of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development (NIESBUD), Noida, MSME, government of India.

Manish Kumar, MLA, Bihar inaugurated this ‘Skill Development Mission' project of Astric - COE and lauded the vision of this institute which is working in tandem with various state government departments. He appreciated wind and solar energy power generator setup at the centre for uninterrupted 24X7 support and technology transformation in various segment. Kumar further elaborated the importance of computers in our day to day life and computers have now become a necessity for all walks of life. Speaking on the occasion he addressed the youth that there has been a sea change in the human resource density post division with Jharkhand and our state is left out with no option apart from skill development to cater to the increasing need of ICT geographically.

The distinguished guest J. S. Ganguwar, IPS and inspector general, Spl. Branch and Economic Offense government of Bihar stressed on the relevance of Computer based courses and told students that such training programmes will ensure ICT capacity building of masses across Bihar. Encouraging the students he told that he will inaugurate all such enterprises who start on their own after passing from here. Students need to sync their brain with the computer to learn and implement the learning using computers. He told that computer is the only industry which needs nothing but a small space and workmanship to start its operations. He added that Bihar has a huge pool of youth human resource which can be converted into asset with such skill development. It's the need of the hour to tap talent pool from various parts of our state and bring them into the main stream for inclusive growth.

Speaking on the occasion, P. K. Sinha, director, Astric COE told that it is a unique PPP initiative with state IT designated agency BELTRON to work as a knowledge and technology partner for the permeation of IT across the state. "We are also dedicated to society and are putting sincere efforts to ensure reverse brain drain which Bihar has experienced in the past for seamless flow and create a eco system", added Sinha.