Smart Techs Making Everyday Home Appliances Intelligent

Smart Techs Making Everyday Home Appliances Intelligent by using new techs that give more than just heating

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Smart tech is being used now in everyday home appliances such as water heater. We can have intelligent water hears with smart techs.


Today, people all over the world are switching to more innovative electrical appliances. From televisions to dishwashers and washing machines, people prefer their appliances to be convenient that require less human intervention. Even bathroom appliances like showers and water heaters are following the trend to become more intelligent. These modern-day appliances are more innovative than you think!

So, the question is, are you ready to upgrade your game to smart home appliances? Intelligent water heaters using smart techs are the way to go if you want to take your showering experience to the next level. Imagine being able to control the water temperature from your phone, customizing your shower experience, and saving money on energy bills all at once!

Smart techs using water heaters use a combination of technologies to provide convenience, control and energy savings. Wi-Fi connectivity enables remote control and monitoring through smartphones or other smart devices. Temperature sensors measure water temperature and provide feedback to the microprocessor-based control system. This control system is the brain of the water heater, which receives inputs from sensors and user commands and adjusts water heating accordingly. Features include usage scheduler, smart bath logic, auto-off, auto-diagnosis and other remote functionality. The control system can also be integrated with other smart home devices for added convenience.


Features of an intelligent water heater -

  1. Smart Showering Features- This feature allows you to tailor your shower experience by setting the temperature of the water and flow rate. Some models even have a 'warm-up' mode that preheats the water before you get into the shower. This way, you can have the perfect shower temperature waiting for you as soon as you step in. So you can bid goodbye to waiting for the water to warm up or manually adjusting hot-cold nobs to get the right temperature. This certainly is next-level convenience!
  1. Remote control- Picture this, you are out for a movie or work, and you realize that you forgot to turn off the water heater before leaving the house. With a traditional water heater, you would have to return home to turn it off. But with a smart water heater, you can control it from anywhere with just a few taps on your phone! The remote-control feature allows you to do more than just turn it on or off.  Adjust the temperature and even set schedules from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.
  1. Maximum savings- One of the most significant benefits of investing in a smart water heater is the potential for substantial savings on your energy bill. Smart water heaters have energy-saving features integrated with newer technologies. Applications that let you schedule, turn on or off, or set the water temperature offer more than just convenience. When the water heater turns on only when required, it leads to considerable energy saving. In addition to this, water heater with newer technologies are already made of energy-efficient components.
  1. Durability- Newer smart water heaters are designed to be durable and long-lasting, so you will save money on repairs and replacements in the long run. They are equipped with corrosion-preventing components and have chemical treatment inside the tank, averting the heating element's rusting issues. With this, the geyser lasts long frequent corrosion is avoided.
  1. Self-diagnosis - Safety is paramount when a geyser uses water and electricity and creates considerable pressure due to heating. Newer water heaters in the market are equipped with intelligent microprocessor-based diagnostic features that quickly detect faults and alert the user. This allows early detection of potential issues, such as leaks or abnormal temperature fluctuations, and prompt maintenance and repairs can be carried out. Some intelligent water heaters also have self-diagnostics and automatic shut-off features to help prevent damage that prolongs the unit's life, thereby making them safe to use.

Towards a smarter experience

With water heaters that are convenient and equipped with many modern-day features to save both electricity and water, why settle for manual appliances? It’s time to make a shift and embrace the new.  Get ready to smarten up your bathroom and take your showering experience to the next level.

--By Vikram Raman, Marketing Head, Ariston Group India


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