Smartphone app helps Kashmiri woman conceive after seven years

A young Kashmiri woman who was unable to conceive for the last seven years has got pregnant, app

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A young Kashmiri woman who was unable to conceive for the last seven years has got pregnant after receiving medical advices from doctors of Sir Ganga Ram hospital on a smartphone app.


The patient, who suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, despite undergoing treatment at the IVF Centre and Human Reproduction at SRGH, was unable to visit Delhi as per doctor’s requirement, the hospital authorities said on 21 July, 2017.

Treatment for infertility, notably, requires frequent follow up visits for ovarian follicular scans and review of these scans for treatment interventions.

According to the doctors, that is where the “My Follow Up app” was utilised to give her the medical advice and share the important reports from both the ends of patients and the medical team.


“This particular patient required gonadotrophin injections that were to be given with concurrent follicular monitoring. The app provided the perfect platform for the sharing of these images and the tweaking of medical interventions to get the desired results,” the doctors said.

The doctors added that the happy denouement to this story was that this patient got pregnant within days of starting treatment, entirely as a consequence of treatment advised on “My Follow Up” app, without having to make a subsequent trips to Delhi.

“This is after seven years of infertility and prolonged and unfruitful treatment in J&K,” the hospital authorities said. The app is downloadable free of cost, and available both on Android and IOS.

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