SMC Networks offers wireless bluetooth USB adapter

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New Update

SMC Networks announced its enhanced data rate wireless

bluetooth USB adapter which is bluetooth v2.0 compliant, allowing users to take

advantage of its 3Mb bandwidth for multi-tasking abilities and faster

connections, compared to those of bluetooth v1.2 or v1.1. It supports class-1

bluetooth and has an operating range of up to 300 ft, which at the same time can

multi-task support three connection tasks.


In addition to less interference, users can enjoy features

such as Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) set-up a personal area network (PAN)

that connects up to seven bluetooth-equipped devices. Wireless communication

between devices such as wireless phones or PDAs to share files, transfer data,

print and synchronize PDA information is easily established.

In addition users can browse the web, send and receive

e-mails, and use a mobile phone to access the Internet wirelessly. To ensure

security, the SMCBT-EDR offers encryption and authentication to ensure security

of the data exchanged.

The SMC wireless bluetooth USB adapter (SMCBT-EDR)

retails at $29.99.

Contact: SMC Networks

C-60B (Ground Floor), Kalkaji

New Delhi 110019

Tel: 011- 26234613, 51601838