Snapchat Code Discovered: Snapchat Comes Aboard with Amazon for ‘Camera Search’ Feature

Snapchat is creating a visual product search feature, which will turn its camera into a visual search engine. The feature is codenamed to be ‘Eagle’ – it will connect Snappers to Amazon listings.

This unaware and unreleased feature was discovered in the code of Snapchat’s Android app by an app researcher, which he later tipped iff to TechCrunch.

The SnapChat visual product feature will help in recognizing objects, songs, and barcodes from a particular users’ camera by transporting the relevant data to Amazon, Shazam, and other partners.

The feature could be used in the following way – Firstly, one will have to snap a picture of the product and then the app will suggest various sellers and reviews for that particular product. Then, one can copy the link by Amazon and share the details with friends.

The visual search feature could be a way for Snapchat to work on its camera to cover the loss occurred in the first quarter.

Thus, If this feature is launched, Sanpchat will stand–out among other social media apps such as Instagram.

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