Socomec will be launching UPS starting from 400VA in the single phase segment shortly

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Norbert Jacobsen knows that to boost Socomec's marketshare it needs to be

price sensitive but not at the cost of innovations or quality. With the help of

the channel the company plans to tap different verticals in India and climb up

the rank


UPS market in India is controlled by few players like APC, Numeric and

Emerson. How do you plan to deal the competition?

We have been selling in the Indian market for more than 16 years through

various system integrators, key accounts and joint ventures. There are other

players such as APC, Chloride and Numeric who control the market, but that is

only in the single phase UPS category. Socomec caters to the higher-end UPS

market. The market in India is huge and we are ranked fourth after Emerson,

APC-MGE, Chloride in the 3-phase UPS category. In order to cater to a whole

range of customers in India, Socomec will be launching UPS starting from 400VA

in the single phase segment shortly.

Is Socomec completely channel oriented or does it have dual strategies

like other vendors?

Socomec has divided its current business into two divisions-enterprise and
general business, where 3-phase UPS in the range of 8-60KVA will be handled by

channels and anything beyond 60KVA would be handled directly by the enterprise

team in Socomec. We have recently tied up with Redington in order to take the

3-phase UPS of 8-60KVA through value added resellers and to penetrate the C, D

and E-class markets.



MD, Socomec UPS India


Tell us about Socomec's partnerships and tie ups.

We are planning to tie up with business partners, such as system integrators

and solution providers who can handle various ranges of UPS even beyond 60KVA.

For 2008, we are planning to tie-up with 17 business partners including

Bengalooru-based Zener Systems whom we have been associated with for the past 16 years. In 2009, Socomec is planning to tie-up with 18 business partners and it will include those partners who are not just focusing on the non-IT verticals, namely manufacturing and textile verticals which are also some of the potential verticals for Socomec.

Apart from UPS, do you also intend to sell power solutions to the Indian


Socomec is a power solutions company and this is the area where we have spent 40
years in producing innovative power solutions. Before launching this in a newer

market, like India we will be testing the power conditions in a similar kind of

testing approach we undertook during the launch of UPS. We already have a power

solutions manufacturing unit in Gurgaon, so the local manu­facturing is already

in place. We will be adding more solutions to our portfolio for the Indian

operations slowly.


What is Socomec's price strategy for Indian market?

The Indian market is 100 percent price sensitive. But instead of just

looking at the box prices at this point, the customers are focusing on energy

efficiency, power factor, lifetime of the UPS and footprints. Socomec is

initiating these innovations and trying to provide solutions on an enterprise

turnkey model.

We are not just looking at negotiating on the boxes but are also trying to

communicate the long term benefits to our customers.

NR Sethuraman