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Application Delivery Networking Architecture (ADN) is a game-changer in the industry. In a chat with us, Shibu Paul, VP, International Sales at Array

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In a chat with us, Shibu Paul, VP, International Sales at Array Networks speaks on the how ADN is changing the way enterprises are working in India


How do you think Application Delivery Networking Architecture (ADN) is a game-changer in the industry?

 Today’s modern world runs on applications. The users demand secure, uninterrupted and immediate access to applications they need. In order to succeed in today’s hyper-connected digital world, applications need to support a robust set of application services.

ADN is undergoing a transformation because of the increasing demand in SSL encryption, web application firewall, DDoS protection, authentication, and SSL VPN and more. It has become the core of any application infrastructure providing advanced security, acceleration, and availability. Not to mention that most of the apps today are SSL enabled hence offloading the SSL becomes critical for the application performance. Array provides a robust set of application services with high availability, scalability, performance, and security to keep up with the growing ADC demand.


How is Array Networks planning to educate channel partners on this?

Business Intelligence has helped us optimise our work and focus on productive trends. Array’s channel programme is devised to select partners and continuously trains them on leading-edge solutions. We have a robust online training and certification program for our selected partners.

In addition to the training programmes, Array has also set up the Array Centre for Technology and Innovation (ACTI) which caters to the locals as well as global customers. Channel partners have been major beneficiaries of ACTI as it allows them to test networking & security solutions on Array’s HCI platform AVX. ACTI features state-of-the-art technology and has a fully equipped customer as well as partner training center capable of providing enhanced support to local and global stakeholders.


What are the key reasons according to you, Indian enterprises should adopt this solution?

We have seen significant growth in the number of applications hosted in the cloud. This, in turn, had caused an exigency for deployment and management of a vast portfolio of applications in multi-cloud environments. The shift towards cloud environment is expected to expand the adoption of ADN. On top of that, customers expect a 100% availability. Applications have to be fast and accessible in order to stay ahead of the competition.

In the Indian scenario, the demand for ADC has increased with India’s IT initiatives like Digital India Program. Having a robust AND architecture will ensure efficient and effective infrastructure to meet today’s needs while ensuring the right upgrade path for tomorrow’s business requirements.


How affordable is this solution made and how’re you ensure training for customers and channel partners?

Array’s ADN is not only affordable, but the consolidation of load balancing and server offloading capabilities make them more cost-effective and efficient. In the partner front, we aim to engage with highly skilled selected partners who can evangelise customers. With the help of our dedicated channel ecosystem, we are focused on developing a skilled pool of resources. Apart from offering intensive training and certification, our customers also take part in regular customer engagement programs specially designed to familiarising them with the emerging technologies and how to sell them. Array has the potential to make a difference to the channel community by creating a highly trained channel ecosystem capable of propelling the company towards the emerging trends.

What is the market roadmap for promoting this solution as such?


ADN is the core of any application infrastructure. E-com, which is very critical for any business depends on ADN for its sustenance. Increased investments in advanced security and IT infrastructure combined with the increased adoption of server load balancing solutions have paved way to an augmented ADC market growth.

From a roadmap perspective, we will be seeing software-defined ADN, microservices-based architecture which will be very relevant for cloud-based offerings. Our technologies hold a unique position in terms of data delivery and management in customer’s infrastructures and have the ability to provide insights into application data that can be used to boost security as well as improve efficiency.

How are enterprises finding this solution beneficial?


Around 80% of Payment gateway transactions are supported by Array’s ADN solution working in the background. For them security, availability and performance is sacrosanct and our technology, as well as our support teams, are geared to be at service 24x 7x365.

We aspire to invest in technologies that allow us to provide additional value in terms of security and application enablement and provide customers with cost-effective out-of-the-box infrastructure.

The interviewer is a Contributing Columnist with DQ Channels