SonicWall appoints TechnoBind as its VAD in India

TechnoBind has announced its partnership with SonicWall, a provider of boundless cybersecurity for the hyper-distributed era.

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TechnoBind has announced its partnership with SonicWall, a provider of boundless cybersecurity for the hyper-distributed era. The partnership expands the security portfolio that TechnoBind currently offers to its partners and is designed to increase access and provide additional resources for the company's channel network to address the growing demand for SonicWall products, services, and end-to-end solutions. TechnoBind will offer its channel partners the full line of SonicWall enterprise and SMB solutions.


According to SonicWall VP, Regional Sales-APAC Debasish Mukherjee, "India is one of our priority markets as we witness continuous demand. SonicWall has emerged as a proven platform-based cybersecurity provider with end-to-end security offerings integrated with single-pane-of-glass management capable of scaling from SMBs to large enterprises. To accelerate our India growth, we found a great synergy with TechnoBind as a partner and are confident that with TechnoBind's technical capability and our Boundless Cybersecurity model, we will jointly create great milestones for Indian enterprise partners and customers."

TechnoBind, as a value-added distributor, assists its customers in implementing technology-rich solutions that are suitable for the organization. Through its established channel network combined with its strategic initiatives, TechnoBind will help SonicWall expand its reach and reinforce its presence in the region. TechnoBind partners with the technology vendors, focusing on plotting the future with the best of breed disruptive technologies. This unique approach has taken TechnoBind to the forefront, representing some of the most innovative technologies of India.

"We are excited to partner SonicWall and be trusted as a distributor in India. We aim to maximize SonicWall's product portfolio," said Prashanth G J, CEO at TechnoBind "This will help TechnoBind offer more comprehensive solutions to counter the latest cyber threats. Our customers in India are highly focused on the technologies that make businesses more productive. Now, TechnoBind has solutions that encompass securing networks, applications, data, emails, access and privileges. Given India's digital push, all SonicWall offerings are very important to address the growing market."

Prashanth further added, "This partnership is centered around the priority for SonicWall to increase its enterprise business in India and the key strength of TechnoBind to lead in the market with a solution-based approach. This is a great opportunity, and we will do whatever is required to make this partnership a grand success."

TechnoBind expects this partnership to help increase its partner coverage by opening a new league of channel partners from the networking and network security domain and at the same time increase the enterprise business for SonicWall by utilizing the presales strength that TechnoBind possess. TechnoBind has a cost-effective and finely tuned go-to-market strategy that will further help SonicWall to increase its bandwidth and enhance the reach of SonicWall's range of enterprise products across India.