SonicWall debuts anti-virus firewall

DQC Bureau
New Update

SonicWALL introduced the TZ 150, a sub Rs 40,000 small business firewall

supporting gateway anti-virus and intrusion prevention. The firewall provides

protection from viruses, worms, Trojans and other content-based attacks in an

integrated security solution for small networks, delivering a combination of

security, affordability, and ease-of use.


TZ 150 combines VPN and firewall capabilities with powerful gateway

anti-virus and intrusion prevention, content filtering and enforced anti-virus

in single, compact device. It supports powerful Gateway anti-virus and Intrusion

Prevention Service, which is capable of scanning very high number of files of

unlimited size for viruses. The service supports multiple protocol types and

provides updated, comprehensive protection against threats including buffer

overflows, worms, Trojans and backdoor exploits.


firewall can be easily managed remotely as part of a multi-firewall and VPN

environment using SonicWALL's Global Management System (GMS). The TZ 150

presents a single point for filtering undesirable traffic and there's an extra

layer of anti-virus protection that reduces risk. It supports

hardware-accelerated IPSec 3DES and AES encryption as well as global VPN client

upgrades for secure remote access to critical network resources. Its compact

form factor incorporates a single auto-MDIX Ethernet WAN port and a four-port

auto-MDIX LAN switch, allowing multiple devices to connect to the network.

TZ 150 has comprehensive logging that identifies suspicious network activity,

it also has Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) support to allow servers to

remain accessible even with a dynamic IP address. Multiple NAT modes eliminate

the need for multiple external IP addresses. It comes with a one-year support

and priced at Rs 36,910 plus taxes as applicable.

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