SPAN Infotech expands India operations

DQC Bureau
New Update

SPAN Infotech announced that they are now an EDB company. The company delivers solutions that cover the entire range of business-critical IT services from application services, and industry-specific solutions through to IT operating services and network solutions.

One of the mutual advantages of the strategic move enables EDB to continue to grow by consolidating their partnerships. SPAN can now strengthen their relationships with their existing clients and move on to acquire new ones.


Detailing their plans, Tom Scharning, Senior VP-Business Development, EDB Business Partner ASA said, “India has always been an important market for us and hence we acquired SPAN. A key component of EDB's growth is leveraging offshore and sourcing from India. Our majority stake acquisition in SPAN helps us in building a long—term Global Sourcing strategy for EDB.”

GL Pradeep, Co-Founder and MD, SPAN said, “We are excited with the prospect of entering new business and technology consulting areas with EDB and strategically adding to EDB's global delivery capability.”

“While, SPAN shall continue to focus on its existing business, EDB has helped us open new business and technology consulting areas and has provided access to new markets. In India, we are growing in strength by setting up a new office in Bangalore. With the scale of operations projected at about 2.000 resources by 2010, we have commenced the project of having our own campus in Mysore,” he added.