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Stellar Launches Data Erasure Software on World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day, Stellar Data Recovery have announced the launch of their data erasure software ‘BitRaser’ to permanently erase data from storage devices beyond the scope of data recovery. BitRaser fulfills internal & external corporate audit requirements by providing traceable reporting & certificates of erasure.

Obsolete IT assets contain sensitive data such as customer’s confidential information, organizations’ financial plans, patents and other business plans. Such sensitive information can be easily recovered even after deletion and formatting by freely available data recovery software. Many organizations and individuals usually stockpile these assets like laptops, mobile phones and desktops out of fears of information security compromise. Other organizations degauss old devices, which is a destructive process of physically destroying them. This in turn generates more e-waste and harms the environment.

BitRaser uses 24 internationally recognized erasure standards, to permanently erase data & meet organizations’ statutory compliance obligations of maintaining information security. BitRaser has been successfully tested, by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (STQC) and is available for file erasure, hard drive erasure, bulk drive erasure and for erasing mobile devices.

“Privacy & information security is of paramount importance to consumers globally today. Rising cyber security threats like the recent ransomware attack has highlighted the importance of safeguarding and protecting data. Stellar, has long been regarded as the ‘data recovery experts’ and therefore we launched BitRaser with a brand promise of ‘When We Say it’s Gone, Its’ Gone’. BitRaser’s certified data erasure technology will help businesses and individuals safely reuse or donate their old IT assets which will extend their lifecycle & have long-term environmental benefits”, said Sunil Chandna, CEO, Stellar Data Recovery.

India, is the fifth largest producer of e-waste, discarding roughly 18.5 lakh tons of electronic waste each year, a recent study says. According to ASSOCHAM, Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of electronic waste is 30%. Nearly 95% of processing of electronic waste is carried out by the unskilled informal sector. Many harmful elements such as lead, cadmium, mercury etc, are used to manufacture IT equipment, most of this ends up in landfills at end of life. These can seep into the soil & water table with disastrous consequences on human health.


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