The Story Of A Young Entrepreneur: Virang Jhaveri, Co-Founder & CEO, Picostone

In a one on one with DQ Channels Young entrepreneur Virang Jhaveri, Co-Founder & CEO, Picostone believes that there is nothing called ‘Impossible’

Tell us about yourself, could you please elaborate on your educational background

25 years of age, EXTC Engineer from DJ Sanghvi, a hardcore techie, love programming and hardware, love to solve ANY problem thrown at me and always up for challenges. I wrote my first code when I was in the 5th standard and have always been fascinated with the why’s and how’s of everything around me.

Did you have to face any hardships? What were they?

At the beginning of the launch of our first product, the Basic, we faced a small hiccup, there was a minor glitch in the design of the product which raised a lot of customer complaints. This was a challenging as well as a very delicate phase, as it was just the start and beginning with even one unsatisfied customer, wasn’t something we wanted. So we were really swift to identify & resolve the bug. Not only did we address the bug and resolve it, we also replaced the product all over the country, to a small set of customers at that time though, within a month and got the revised version product up and running successfully in no time.

We learnt that we will need to make our hardware more modular & also restructure into our testing processes, this will help us to resolve issues on time and to work on improving the hardware testing. The major learning from this was – “You cannot go wrong with the hardware design, thinking of edge cases and resolving them at the design phase may cost a couple of days delay in the release cycle, but can save a lot on operations and brand reputation later on”.

What was the biggest challenge in setting UP the business?

Considering our age, we our only 25 years old and to ask people to take us seriously was a biggest challenge. But once they heard us talk and and understood our product and saw our sensibilities to run a business there was no looking back.

Tell us about your personal life’s experiences.

Challenges have always excited me. I was the chairperson of the technical fest at my college, D.J Sanghvi College of Engg. We managed to pull of a live concert by Salim Sulaiman with a footfall of 10,000, which was a first in the history of the entire college. Never before was a live concert organized for a technical fest in our college. During those days, the enthusiasm and the drive to pull something like this, was really looked upon by everyone, but organizing a concert isn’t as simple as it looks.

There are a lot of variables, dependencies and unknowns that come in which makes it extremely challenging to execute, given the fact that you are in college and don’t have a lot experience. I have learnt a lot during my tenure as the chairperson, from my seniors, to the team members and also while practically executing it. It also helped me understand about crisis management, team management, team building, etc. This experience helps me to draw inspiration and is also a reminder that i can do it.

What are your hobbies?

Strategy game ( Age of Empire , Total War etc), programming, reading

Where do you want to see your establishment in future?

Our tag line says “Live effortlessly” and it also is our ultimate motive to make things simpler and make Picostone a household name. Since going live from June 2017, we have managed to touch 1500 homes and have been seeing a month on month growth of around 40%.

Right now only our first product is available in the market “Basic”. We have plans to soon launch other products which are in the pipeline. At Picostone our aim is to be the go to product in the home automation, which can solve complex problems in a simpler way and make people Live Effortlessly

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