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Background: A resident of Chennai, Jagadish was always fascinated by

mathematics and pursued it as her main subject for graduation. Her father being

an engineer himself encouraged her. Two decades ago, when Jagadish decided to

learn computers, they did not stop her and she got a diploma in computer

science. This was the turning point in her life that helped her establish a

strong foothold in the IT space. She joined Dax Networks, where she met her



Challenges: She feels that every field has its own scopes and

challenges and one has to face them with courage. She is not bogged down by any

gender bias or insecurity. Having joined Dax Networks as a trainee, she became

its COO through a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Her only challenge is

maintaining a work-home balance. So far, she has managed it well, without

allowing one to over shadow the other.

Sudha Jagadish, COO, Dax


Strengths: Jagadish attributes her success to hard work and the

passion she has for learning and improving herself. Her analytical and logical

thinking, courtesy her training in mathematics, have been her greatest

strengths. According to her, eliminating the problem, rather than pondering over

it, is the crux of all successful decision making. Jagadish believes in leading

her team from the front regularly, but is not comfortable taking credit for her

team's success. She believes that a good manager must possess a strong bond with

the team, which would take the company to greater heights.


Family: Even though she is busy with her work, she manages to spend

time with her family. “I always tries to strike a balance between my work and

family, I have a school going son who needs constant companionship and I try to

be around him so that he can share things with me,” she said. Even though her

husband worked with her for a long time there has rarely been any differences of

opinion between the two at any time, both in the office and at home.

Hobbies: Jagadish is a shopaholic freak and likes to indulge in it

whenever she gets time. Apart from that, she loves reading books but has no

specific inclination for a particular author or subject. She prefers to read

books rather than watch mindless sitcoms on television. And above all this, she

loves to spend most of her free time with her family.

NR Sethuraman