Successful UPS Seller

Vinay Ojha, a BSc and an MBA
from Bhopal University, started
his career with UTV as a marketing executive in 1989. Starting a business of his
own was never on his mind. The inspiration came from a customer at an IT
exhibition in 1993 when Vinay was working for Energizer Systems. This customer
noticed Vinay’s presentation skills, bought an UPS for himself and motivated
Vinay to start on his own.

Vinay took up a rented office at a business center. Thus Ojha
Automation was born. His friend Mohan Raj assisted him in his endeavor. Starting
as a dealer in office automation products and UPS of local makes, Vinay now
sells fax machines as well. By the end of the first year, he had touched a
revenue of Rs 50 lakh.

Spreading his wings

Looking at growth prospects, Vinay started another company in
1998 in the same line of business and called it Vipesh Automation. This time his
concept was to sell a multinational brand and so he approached American Power
Conversion, popularly known as APC. Today Vinay is not only the youngest and
highly successful business partner of the company, but also the only business
partner to do online selling.

Going in for automation products proved to be a good choice
of business for Vinay. The revenue of Vipesh Automation in the first year was Rs
14 lakh while it touched Rs 2 crore in the last financial year. By the end of
2001 Vinay hopes to touch the Rs 4 crore mark.

Apart from selling UPSs, Vipesh Automation also sells
software from Citrix, Metafour and Microsoft. It does both B2B and B2C business
in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

30 and raring to go

Vinay has not stopped being ambitious at the age of 30. He
has got into real estate business and is working on an ITC employees housing
project. Besides being a successful businessman, Vinay has a colorful side to
his personality. He may work from 9 am to 9 pm, but he always finds time to
pursue his hobbies, which include surfing the Web, billiards, hiking, trekking
and camping in jungles.

Another interesting side to his personality is that he is
involved in a lot of social activities. He has formed a group of friends who
regularly visit an orphanage for the blind and take goodies for them. He is also
looking for sponsors who will help him to acquire software and hardware, which
enables the visually impaired people to work on a computer.

His plans for the future include creating a portal where one
can chat in Hindi. This, he hopes, will cater to the needs of his native people
in Bihar. He also wants to do landscaping for the orphanage.

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