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Channel partners in Surat appreciated the support exten­ded to them by

distributors at the IT Panchayat, held in association with The DQ Week and DQ

Channels, which was organized at Surat, Lords Plaza on Nov 22, 2008. While in

most other cities where the Panchayat made its presence, the channel have

usually been extremely unhappy about distributors and the way they operate in

the market. However, this was not the scene in Surat.


The panel consisted of Abhinav Buch, Branch Manager of Redington India,

Mitesh Modh, Branch Manager of Compuage Infocom, Sanjay Sharma Branch Manager of

Tech Pacific India, Dharmin Shah, Branch Manager of Neoteric and Siddhartha

Hamirwasia, Branch Manager of Rashi Peripherals. Vinita Bhatia, the Executive

Editor of DQ Channels moderated the panel discussion.

In the due course of discussion Vishnu Thakkar proprietor of Sprint

Peri­pherals explained an incident wherein a distri­butor supported him in

solving an issue. He said, “I bought a DVD writer from a vendor and the company

didn't have enough buffer stock. I approached Dharmin Shah, Branch Manager of

Neoteric and he coordinated with the vendor and made my work possible.”

The audience

rendering an ear
Vinita Bhatia,

Executive Editor, DQ Channels moderating the discussion

To support the statement given by Thakkar, channel partners who were present

at the event said that they are also happy with the maximum support given by the

distributors in the region, which is better than vendors.

In the course of discussion Jignesh Jariwala, Executive Member of South

Gujarat IT Association (SITA) questioned Redington about taking over HP Plotter

service by Redington. He said, “Is it genuine on part of Redington to provide

the services directly? They should go through channel. Before we used to offer

HP Plotter related service, but now we have lost our customers as well as


Buch said that they are majorly into distribution business and not dealing

with sales and service. “You can approach the service team of Redington and

definitely they will help you in this regard,” said Buch.

The channel in Surat also discussed the need for technical seminars to update

and educate them about new technologies. Jariwala said, “We don't have enough

information about upcoming technol­ogies. We have to be provided with all

relevant information about new products. But no such seminars are organized by

any companies.”

Archana Swamy