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Synology broadens its Cloud2 Service Offerings

Synology, a provider of Network Attached Storage, IP surveillance and networking equipment, announced that it is broadening its popular Synology Cloud² (Synology C2) service, designed in-house and running on Synology’s own public cloud, into a fully integrated Hybrid Cloud Data Protection Ecosystem that delivers highly available, secure and seamless backup experience to customers around the world.

Launched in September 2017 as a cloud backup solution, Synology C2 enabled businesses and home users to back up files stored on their Synology NAS systems onto Synology’s own public cloud, for data safety and high availability.

A runaway success, Synology C2 service today provides all-around data protection to over 16,000 users, with around 1,400 new users coming aboard each month, garnering over 1.5 million USD in its very first year of operations. To meet rising global demand, Synology has fast-tracked the construction of a second and third data center in Germany.

In its new avatar, Synology C2 service, working in tandem with Synology NAS, aims at building a new Synology hybrid cloud ecosystem with many Synology services incorporated. Users will see further integration with the likes of DiskStation Manager, enjoying a more seamless user experience.

To enhance data safety, without all the hassle, users can now rely on Active Backup Suite integration in order to create another layer of data protection to C2. Ultimately, users will be able to enjoy a more comprehensive backup experience as they can now back up PC, virtual machine, or even physical servers directly to C2, completing a thorough and secure backup journey.

“Our goal is to offer superior backup services at very competitive prices,” said  Mike Shay, Sales account manager of India, Synology Inc., “Although well experienced in latest storage and backup technologies, our 20-member Synology engineering team working on the Synology C2 project had to work fast to master newer technologies such as OpenStack, design of system framework and applications seeking to transcend the software development realm to design a model based on current market pain points and user needs” he added.

Having started with private cloud services, Synology is now building on its history of providing reliable IT solutions, with its first steps into the public cloud sector to take data protection to the next level.

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