System-on-chip from ST Microelectronics

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New Update

ST Microelectronics has unveiled the STi5517, the latest in its Omega family of STB decoder solutions. This system-on-chip device is suitable for cable, terrestrial and satellite TV applications. 


The STi5517 has added higher specification graphics (RGB16) and enhanced security features, compared to STi5516. Its ST20 CPU speed has been increased to 180MHz, enabling a faster response time and support to a wide range of applications. 

The chip's audio options include MP3 decoding, Dolby Digital and Pro Logic decoding and support for SRS TruSurround virtual surround sound. It also features a multi-channel DMA engine. This engine, in combination with the RGB16 graphics, makes it suitable for applications such as DVB-MHP, browser-based middle-wares and low cost


The device is pin compatible so that customers need not incur the cost of hardware redesign. It also supports legacy cable applications.

Contact: Gunjan Banerjee Manager–Communications, STMicroelectronics-India.

Mobile: 9811169876