TAIT comes out with recommended service charges for 2004-05

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Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) has come out with the latest edition of the TAIT recommended service charges for 2004-05.


According to the association, this new edition also includes recommended charges for new categories like MNC PCs and peripheral installations,

networking and wireless LAN implementation services.

According to TAIT, while all agree that services should be charged for, there is great disparity in the rates being charged by companies across the

industry. This leads to un-healthy practices and reckless price-cutting. To fulfill the long felt need to standardize and rationalize the services

charges across the industry, TAIT has come out with this chart.

According to TAIT, this chart has been compiled by industry experts and various aspects like current costs, quantity discounts, networking expertise

required, direct and indirect costs etc, have been taken into consideration before finalizing the recommended rate charts. The association expects that

companies would use these rates as a standard pricelist for quoting and rendering services to their customers. The latest rate charts can be found

online at the TAIT website at

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