TAIT extends hand to martyrs

DQC Bureau
New Update

Mumbai-based Trade Association of Information Technology (T AIT) has extended

a helping hand to the family of policemen who laid down their lives to protect

Mumbai from the terrorist. In an e-mail sent to nearly 1,000 people including

350 of its own members, the IT association has urged people to come forward and

donate generously for the cause.“All of you are aware of what has happened to

our Mumbai on Nov 26. Many of you have expressed anguish and hatred for such

terrorism and expressed solitude to our brave police personnel who lost their

lives in order to protect the people. With the support and initiative shown by

some of our “members towards the well being of the families of police personnel,

TAIT has decided to collect funds from all IT organizations towards this cause,"

reads the e-mail sent by the association. The total collection amount will be

given to affected families of police personnel. "It's our responsibility to take

care of the family of those people who have sacrificed their lives for us. We

are just doing our bit," said CW Kadwadkar, Executive Secretary, TAIT.