TAIT Hosts Tech Trends 2024 Event

December 27th is marked in TAIT's event calendar with the organization of a knowledge-sharing event – Tech Trends 2024.

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TAIT Hosts Tech Trends 2024 Event 1

TAIT Hosts Tech Trends 2024 Event 1

December 27th is marked in TAIT's event calendar with the organization of a knowledge-sharing event – Tech Trends 2024, presented by Platinum Sponsor Savex Technologies. The keynote address was delivered by Gautam Shah, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Colfax International, based in Santa Clara, California.


Founded in 1987, Colfax International boasts a clientele comprising Fortune 500 companies, leading global universities, and esteemed institutions. Distinguished by strategic alliances with premier tech vendors, Colfax holds the prestigious titles of Elite AMD Partner, Titanium Intel Partner, and Elite NVIDIA Partner. Notably, the company has been honored with the Intel Partner of the Year Award for eight consecutive years, spanning from 2015 to 2022.

They have also earned the title of NVIDIA Partner Network Americas Networking Partner of the Year 2021. This recognition is attributed to their efforts in advancing comprehensive NVIDIA networking solutions, encompassing NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand, NVIDIA Spectrum Ethernet, NVIDIA DPUs, and NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

Gautam engaged the audience with an interactive talk, shedding light on topics such as the AMD MI300X, Intel's upcoming AI solutions, and Nvidia H100/H200 solutions. He provided valuable insights into the intricacies of constructing complex systems, emphasizing the need for not only technical expertise but also financial strength and logistics. Gautam also shared data pointers on enhancing business profitability and creating additional revenue streams by integrating services and solutions into hardware offerings.


Members raised intriguing questions during the session. Noteworthy inquiries included topics like establishing data centers, identifying cooling solutions for power-intensive AI machines, programming, and adapting existing code to newer hardware offerings, as well as lead times for infrastructure implementation. Mr. Gautam adeptly addressed each query, providing thorough analyses and supporting statistics.

Tech Trends 2024 also had a very interesting Panel Discussion with Top Industry veterans

Panelists were :

  • Mr. Jayant Mahale – Head, Cloud Adoption – AWS
  • Mr. Ajay Sawant – MD & CEO, Orient Technologies
  • Mr. Kersi Tawadia – Ex-CIO, BSE
  • Mr. Atul Gaur – Director, Savex Technologies
  • Mr. Gautam Shah – CEO, Colfax International

Mr. Rushabh presented the panelists and actively interacted with them, eliciting their insights on various topics such as Tech Trends, Cloud Adoption, AI business, Monetizing opportunities, R&D expenses for innovation, their business roadmaps, and challenges encountered. With an average experience exceeding 30 years among the panelists, they compellingly captivated the audience's attention, leaving them with valuable key takeaways.

Jayant emphasized the inevitability of cloud adoption, foreseeing substantial benefits for startups and projects. Ajay encouraged members to embrace new technologies, emphasizing the importance of learning from failures and maintaining an innovative spirit. Kersi enriched the audience with insights into digital transformation and cybersecurity. Atul highlighted the swift adoption of AI and emerging technologies by companies but noted that viewing R&D as an expense is not common. Stressing continuous learning through vendor interactions, he emphasized driving innovation in technologies like cloud services. Gautam shared insights on building a highly profitable business, underscoring the significance of extreme focus, continuous learning, and incorporating research into offerings.

Dr. Jay Shah – Research Scientist, Colfax International also spoke with members regarding facets of CUDA programming and its integration with the NVidia ecosystem.

Distinguished TAIT members attended the event in large numbers, expressing appreciation for its conceptualization. TAIT President, Mr. Champak Gurjar, extended a warm welcome to the members, encouraging regular participation in events to leverage learning and networking opportunities. The event, skillfully moderated by Mr. Rushabh Shah, TAIT's General Secretary, saw active participation and felicitation from TAIT Directors including Mr. Vijay Goel, Mr. Magan Gangani, Mr. Viren Bavishi, Mr. Sameer Mehta, Mr. Hemant Gupta, Mr. Swetal Dani, Mr. Hiren Sheth, Mr. Murtuza Bhrmal, and Mr. Jitendra Mehta. BPE Power Solutions held the position of Associate Sponsor.

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