TAIT sensitizes members on Cyber Security

Mumbai based Trade Association of Information Technology (TAIT) recently organised a cybercrime workshop as a part of TAIT Knowledge Series. Sachin Dedhia, a renowned Cybercrime and Ethical hacking specialist gave vital insights about the cyber world to the TAIT members.

In his interactive session, Dedhia gave an in-depth knowledge about the cyber crime scenario in the country. He also talked about banking and credit card frauds, credit card cloning and various other credit and debit card related crimes. He also gave information about email spoofing that can cause immense financial losses to people and organizations.

Dedhia cautioned members about Wi-Fi security and security of devices like smart phones and laptops as it is an easy target of hackers and cyber criminals. Dedhia also highlighted the vulnerability of apps which may open up the doors for hackers.

TAIT also invited police officials of D.B.Marg Police station in the event. Participants highly appreciated the workshop. “We have gained immensely from the session and we would look forward to advance the training of the same”, said a police official.

Rushabh Shah, president, TAIT said, “Such workshops add a lot of value to members understanding of the increased threats of the online space and how members and their families can take simple steps to protect themselves from a lot of vulnerabilities.”

The event which was conducted at the Krishna Palace Hotel, Mumbai received good response from the audience.

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