Team Computers partners Epicor

DQC Bureau
New Update

Team Computers will be branding Epicor software suite against Tally users in

India. A Rajendran, Director-Information Services, Team Computers, informed this

on the sidelines of signing an alliance with Epicor Software Corporation.


“Tally has an installed user-base of 2,00,000 in India, with most of the

users in the small and medium businesses (SMBs), which is a potential market for

us. We see that the users want to upgrade as their business grows, but face a

bottleneck of not being able to migrate. That is where we want to offer our

solutions,” said Rajendran.

“We are targeting Tally users, who have outgrown the offering. There are also

some users who are using MS Excel sheets for their accounting purposes, which is

another segment, where we will be looking at.

“Epicor will be offered as a solution to SMBs in the manufacturing,

distribution, retail, services and hospitality markets, said Rajendran. “There

is a huge requirement for products such as Epicor in these emerging markets,” he

said. “Team Computers will be concentrating on cities and towns like Pune,

Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Tirupur and the outskirts of Mumbai, where

manufacturing hubs exist,” Rajendran added.


Earlier addressing the media on the alliance, Stefan Westelius, Senior

Regional Director, Epicor said the current strategy was to reinforce the

company's presence in India, through Team Computers.

Highlighting the objective of tying up with Indian company, Epicor reflected

that ERP market in India is expected to grow at $250 million by 2009 and

$341 million by 2011 thereby leading to 34 percent growth in rupees.

“The market of ERP in India is tremendous. That drove us to go for this

alliance,” said Westelius.

R Jai Krishna