Tech firms set up Linux shop in London

Agroup of computer companies have announced that they will open a Linux
software and services shop in London’s financial district, waving the prospect
of 30 percent cost savings in front of investment banks and insurers eager to
preserve cash.

The Linux center where banks and insurers can learn about the free and open
source Linux OS, which competes with Microsoft’s Windows and Sun’s Solaris,
will be located at walking distance from the City’s Square Mile.

few banks currently use Linux because they are concerned about the support and
long-term viability of the open source platform. Linux, like Sun’s Solaris and
Apple’s OS X, is based on the widely relied upon Unix architecture.

Because Linux software is free to use, companies only need to spend money on
installation and maintenance. Linux typically offers a 30 percent price
improvement on the systems banks use now.


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