Technology: An Important Sales Arsenal

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When in Rome, do as the Romans' goes the famous adage.


So if we are in the information technology space, is it not fitting that we

employ technology in every aspect of our business? But how many of us truly

utilize technology to really propel the way we do business? Unfortunately, not



an average sales person goes to a client, he talks about his company and its

antecedents and the products it offers. Most of this is in the conversational

style. Now imagine, if he gives a live demo of the solutions he has in mind for

the client? The chances of actually bagging the order will increase by several

percentage points.

Addressing issues electronically

Even among companies that boast of using technology as a sales arsenal, it

is limited to making PowerPoint presentations to the client. This is usually a

one-way mode of communication. When a customer decides to go for a service or

solution, he wants to know the tangible benefits he will avail. And a live demo

would help.


Solution providers could analyze the client's existing setup and then

decide which solution will suit his requirements. The analysis can be presented

in a visually appealing form, like a video showing the appreciable value the

product will provide after deployment.

B Shankar

This will help the customer relate better to the entire solution and make

snap decisions as well. Also, probable areas of doubt can be addressed with the

presentation of various alternatives and its implications.


Since everything will be presented right in front of the client, he will have

a clear idea about the deliverables and would not need to take a lot of time to

think about it. He can also choose from the various options offered to him

during the presentation.

Such an approach is important as ours is not an FMCG industry, where the

sales person's approach is stereotypical and all he needs to focus on is


The ubiquities of technology can be appreciated from its very definition-the

practical application of science to business. So if you are in the business of

selling this science, is it not natural that you apply it in your sales process

as well.

B Shankar is Director, Allied Digital Services.