Telecom minister launches portal to check tower radiation

Telecom minister Manoj Sinha launched Tarang Sanchar, a portal that will allow users to see an electromagnetic frequency

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Telecom minister Manoj Sinha launched Tarang Sanchar, a portal that will allow users to see an electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation compliance from towers around them and anywhere in the country.


The portal will have technical details of more than 4,40,000 towers and 14.5 lakh base stations, and will allow telecom service providers to put in their information and documents related to EMF radiation on the site.

Sinha said the portal will clear the myths and misconceptions related to effects of radiation on health of people. "I can say with responsibility that EMF radiation has no harmful effect on human health, WHO has done more than 25,000 research analysis to show no ill effects," he said.

The portal will also allow users to get a tower or base station checked for radiation emission, for a fee of Rs 4,000.


The portal's information will be used to for mapping of blind spots for better coverage, while improving the condition of telecom and broadband services going forward.

"We have to finish off this myth and dispel any rumors of the public or any misconceptions, because we have 10 times stricter rules in India than global standards," he added.

"Call drop we don't want but we don't want a tower near me, we need to get out of this mentality," the minister added.


The minister added that the site will also lead to spread of cashless economy, commerce and business, for which a large infrastructure is needed.

The portal comes at a time when the Supreme Court has ordered shutting down of a BSNL mobile tower in Gwalior on the plea of a 42-year-old who alleged of getting afflicted by cancer as he stayed close to the radiation emitting tower.

While the minister has said that the order is interim in nature and the full verdict was awaited by the government, he added that several studies including those from WHO have not raised any red flags on radiation from towers having harmful effects on people's health.

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