Teradata acquires, a mobile marketing Software-as-a-Service company, Appoxee

In a deal which was closed in December 2014 Appoxee has been acquired by Teradata. The addition of Appoxee to the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud complements Teradata’s strategy to provide industry-leading marketing solutions. Precisely it will help data-driven businesses deliver more individualized information and communications to their customers, based on the type of brand engagement experience those customers want and expect.

Appoxee’s solutions will be integrated into the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud beginning immediately, and quickly integrated with Teradata Digital Marketing Center.

“By adding Appoxee’s leading mobile marketing solutions, we’re further helping our customers use data to know more about their customers’ true preferences, and do more to realize the benefits of individualized data-driven marketing,” said Darryl McDonald, president, Teradata Marketing Applications.

Itay Levy, founder and CEO, Appoxee, said, “Marketers have recognized the strategic importance of delivering optimized customer experiences across channels, enabled by a comprehensive view of the customer, a centralized communication hub and coordinated messaging technologies.  By joining forces with Teradata, a global leader in marketing applications and big data analytics, we are helping marketers worldwide deliver the best customer experiences possible.”

Appoxee currently serves large and small companies across the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Teradata serves more than 2,600 customers worldwide.


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