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“Thank you AWS! Happy to be hosted” says Partners at the Mumbai AWS Summit 2017

The AWS Mumbai Summit 2017 provided learning opportunities for new cloud users and for the experienced partners through many sessions, workshops and demos.


The recently held Amazon Partners Summit in Mumbai witnessed participants from the cloud computing community. The keynote at the summit was delivered by Terry Wise, Vice President, WW Alliances, Channels and Ecosystem, AWS.

AWS Technology Partners in India include Manthan, Indusface, Newgen, Mithi Software, Vinculum, and many others who are providing software solutions that are either hosted on, or integrated with AWS.

In talking to DQ Channels, the partners at the summit shared that, AWS’s reliable cloud platform gives them freedom to build their products around its eco-system with great efficiency and instant service delivery. Some views from the partners are shared below:-


Atul Batra, CTO, Manthan at the summit shared, “Manthan wants to become the biggest analytics provider on the cloud. Right now we are operating in 23+ countries, and out of them US is our largest market.

It’s been 6 years; we are having a great partnership in terms of co-innovating with AWS. We are really thankful to the partnership of AWS and are well honored”.

Manthan is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner innovating with AWS native technologies and services.

Tarun Malaviya, Founder & CEO, Mithi Software says, “Our Company is working on collaboration solutions. We started off by providing email solutions to large and small organizations. What we have seen is how collaboration technology is moving. We have observed that the usage of email is changing; like today people are not really sharing too much information on emails but email continues to be an important medium of sharing basic information. It has become an important medium of recording official information now.

A lot of transaction is happening online too. People save everything in their systems but there is obviously a possibility of system failure or a deliberate removal of stuff. These problems can be faced in case of fraud also and the information can be lost. So here comes the adoption of Cloud as everything can be stored on cloud and can be brought back immediately. About two years ago the company made the choice of moving to the Cloud platform to avoid such problems”.

Tarun added, “Moving to AWS has enabled Mithi to bring newer and better offerings to its customers and to innovate faster. The company has recently launched 3 more solutions on AWS including Vaultastic – a cloud based email archiving and backup solution that can be used to archive mails from any mailing system and ClearStream – offering Anti Spam, Anti Virus and Ransomware protection for mail servers as well as a basic disaster recovery to ensure email service continuity in case the primary email server is inaccessible”.

“The relationship with AWS is pretty good. They really understand the partners who are building on the top of the cloud. For AWS, the partners are important as with our growth, they also grow”, Tarun further added.

Ashish Tandon, CEO, Indusface told, “Indusface is a total application security platform. What we essentially do is we secure websites and mobile apps from hackers. We have customers in around 17 countries. We are basically protecting websites from hackers”.

Ashish further shared, “We have expanded through AWS, and the customer reach has really increased because of AWS. As we are entirely hosted on AWS, we not only sell to AWS customers but also use their platform to host”.

Varoon Rajani, CEO, BlazeClan Technologies in talking to DQ Channels shared, “We are AWS’s partner from 5 years. Our business around AWS is going pretty good. We have been growing well since then. The platform is really powerful in terms of value that it adds to our customers. It helps to innovate around and provide better services to the customers. It helps to stand up in the market as a leading company”.

“Earlier it was difficult for us to get enterprise customers. We were not really ready to get into cloud, but then there were adoptions over cloud and it has helped a lot in terms of business”, Varoon added.

Amit Thapliyal, Head Marketing & Digital Initiatives, Vinculum shared in the talking that, “We are a global SAAS company and have worked with the global ecosystem, the ecosystems like flipkart. We have retailers like TATA too”.

“Amazon gave us demand predictability and good flexibility. We have really entered the markets now which are developing with this. When we tell them that we are on Amazon, it’s really easy to convince them. Amazon is there for data security also. Its infrastructure is very much capable of the security layering”, added Amit.

Vinculum is an Advanced Technology Partner of AWS which has built integrations to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart etc.

 Shomik Dasgupta, Partner, PWC told, “It feels like we are partners with the king of cloud domain. That’s going to be the future. AWS has that presence. They have experience and are industry leaders. The infrastructure is helpful. The relationship with global customers is very much enjoyed because of AWS. There is a sense of security that is enjoyed. The relationship has been great with AWS”.



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