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He attributes his success

to the fact that he gives his very best to any task that he takes up, leaving no

scope for regrets later on.


Give more than your best in whatever you do. Try for 110% and see what

happens. Success or failure is immaterial. Even if you fail, you will feel

satisfied that you gave it your best shot and you won't regret that you did

not try hard enough." This is the personal philosophy that Intel's

Regional Manager, Sandeep Aurora firmly believes and follows.

This give-it-your-best-shot attitude has kept him in good stead. Till

recently, he was Regional Channel Manager and was based out of Intel's office

in Nehru Place. January 2005 saw his promotion to Regional Channel Manager for

Intel India and a move to the garden city of Bangalore.

In his new role, Sandeep is responsible for distribution, product marketing

and channel marketing programs and initiatives in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and

Bangladesh. Given his experience in handling channels since the time he joined

Intel in 1997, Sandeep reckons he can understand the pain points and pressure

points that a partner goes through and the kind of support needed like marketing

programs and collaterals.


Sandeep Aurora
Regional Channel Manager, SE Asia, Intel 
“Success or failure is immaterial. Even if you fail, you will feel satisfied that you gave it your best shot and you won't regret that you did not try hard enough”

"It allows me to work around programs, so that partners are able to

fulfill their customers' needs better. The role also involves making sure

there are enough roll-outs of channel programs and making sure our distributors

are carrying right products at the right time," elaborates Sandeep.

Prime focus areas

To expand Intel's business, Sandeep has identified two areas-SMEs and

geographical expansion in more cities for Intel's consumer side. Though the

former pose a great opportunity for the company, there is a lack of

comprehensive go-to-market plan to address this segment.


He hopes to correct this by educating SMEs about using IT to become

competitive and more profitable. The plan would also involve providing more

tools like collaterals, case studies and the right products to channel partners

so that they can address the burgeoning segment.

Sandeep has also chalked out programs to help both dealers and consumers in

tier two and three cities. This involves the two-pronged strategy of making

consumers aware of how a PC can make a difference to their lives and secondly

creating finance options that makes it easy for consumers to buy a PC.

"A case in point is our tie-up with Bank of India where around 2,500

branches are authorized to give PC loans for everyone who's buying a PC from

any of the Genuine Intel Dealers (GIDs) in any city. The EMI is as low as Rs 450

a month," explains he.


Fighting the challenge

The abysmally low PC penetration in India is a challenge that Sandeep hopes

to address. "We need to make sure we are communicating our message to

enough customers and business users, because we believe that IT is going to

change lives for the better."

This message involves creating awareness about the usefulness of technology

and delivering it to a wide spectrum of people. While customers are aware of

products like Pentium 4 or Centrino, Sandeep thinks that the key lies in giving

them a hands-on experience of the products.

Another challenge is on the channel side, where Intel has around 15,000

channels in B- and C-class cities alone. Given the wide spread, Sandeep says it

is crucial to make sure that dealers and channel members constantly get top-of

the line information on new products and technologies.




Bachelors in Science from Delhi University and MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad 


His ability to make his best of any situation


Catching movies on DVD and watching his 11-month old daughter grow up

Among his accomplishments in his previous role, Sandeep is satisfied with his

team's dedicated effort to support channel partners. "The fact that my

team could make sure that channel members were enabled with the right kind of

resources and were aware that the Intel sales team is available to help them out

of any crisis situation and guide them on a day-to-day basis gives me

satisfaction." He contends that this factor has led to channels growing

their business every year.

"Sandeep inside"

When he is not thinking channels, you would find Sandeep spending time at

home discovering and rediscovering changes in his 11-month old baby daughter. He

unwinds by watching movies at home on his DVD player. No crowded theaters for

him, thank you, he would rather watch it in the comfort of his home. He digs

thrillers, comedies and action flicks. Music and reading are his other hobbies.

Prior to Intel, he worked with HCL for six years and worked as Area Manager,

looking after corporate sales, when he left the company for Intel. Sandeep did

his Bachelors in Science in Delhi University and followed it up with an MBA from

IMT Ghaziabad.