The Directory Conundrum

When I was a small child, many things were so simple. Recalling many of them appear funny today; telling them to a kid now will be akin to fiction. That it was a world with no mobiles, that there was only one TV Channel (Doordarshan) with no remote; that same Doordarshan had an initial musical tune which I still feel nostalgic about. And then there was the old black telephone (it later assumed other colors) from MTNL or BSNL.


Rajneesh De, Editor – DQ Channels

I am sure that many of our readers would fondly (or at least in sepia tones) would remember many of these things. Some of you would also remember one more thing that came with the black telephone—a huge tome called the telephone directory. One of my friends once jocularly remarked that you could even murder with that directory.

Whether we looked at it sarcastically or sometimes with derision, there can be no denying the fact that the directory was immensely useful. Much before Google days, that was the ideal and only way to locate the contact of an individual or a business.

I don’t know if MTNL/BSNL still brings out that directory. Maybe they have gone digital/online as that seems to be the flavor of the day and not to deny it more convenient too. But even at the risk of sounding unfashionably anti-green, I will still advocate that despite everything online and Google, I will still prepare to have a copy of that tome on my shelf. And I am sure many of you will agree with me.

All this preamble was to explain to you the raison d’être for us bringing out the IT Index directory every year. I can say with utmost confidence and assurance that there has never been a more comprehensive listing of companies/partners dealing with IT ever published in India.

Every year it lists more than 10,000 partners spread across 100 cities from all regions. And most of you will agree that however much we talk about inclusion, 100 cities will constitute the lion’s share of any biz in the country, and definitely IT. This directory helps you with not just contacts, but also with businesses they deal with.

However, trust me compiling and publishing such a massive tome takes a major toll on other activities and brings us to question whether its continuation is justified. As our trusted friends and advisors who have guided us all these years, I am asking your opinions on what further direction we should take in this matter.

Please get back to me with your thoughts. Will be greatly appreciated.

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