The key to our success is the significant allocation of the resources to R&D

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The key to our success is the significant allocation of the resources to R&D


What according to you what are the factors that drive the growth and

success of Solid Works?

Firstly, SolidWorks is run by engineers for engineers. The key to our

success is the significant allocation of resources to R&D at Solid Works.

Solid Works 2009 has more than 250 user-requested enhancements. Our employees

meet thousands of customers and prospective clients each year for feedback and

improvement ideas. We have had 90 percent satisfaction rate on our customer

survey for the past two years. We have observed that customer experience is one

of the most valued traits among CAD users. Apart from this, the rising cost of

materials necessitates the need to optimize resources.

What are your channels plans or strategy?

We have partnered with 33 value added resellers in the country and will be

adding new partners. Solid Works is addressing over 20 industrial hubs in the

country through our VAR network. Our increased thrust on the educational sector

has seen us partner with 8 educational VARS

What is your go-to-market strategy?

We are a one hundred percent channel focused company and will continue to

grow and equip our VARs to represent us to our customers and partner them to

optimize their CAD investments.


Manoj Mehta

Country Manager-India and SAARC Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks


How is the CAD and CAM market looking?

Extremely robust. Dassault Systèmes Solid Works Corporation has been

experiencing YoY growth of 30 percent. The increased importance of India as an

engineering outsourcing destination has also increased the opportunities for us.

The global recession will have no impact on our business.

How does Solid Works help users migrate to 3D from other 2D programs?

Solid Works 2009 allows customers to focus on design. It also helps them do their
tasks faster while improving the quality of designs. Our latest release,

SolidWorks 2009 reflects an intensive

R&D effort directly focused on performance. The enhancement work in Solid Works
2009 focuses on the common tasks that, if improved, would make a big impact.


What other solutions are available from Solid Works?

We provide a complete tool set for engineers. It allows teams to create

their designs right from the first time. Solid Works Simulation allows teams to

improve upon their designs and reduce materials or manufacturing costs.

Enterprise PDM, 3DVIA Composer, and Solid Works e Drawings allow teams to

communicate both internally and externally. Additionally, DVIA Composer and

Solid Works Photo Works allow teams to promote their designs to their customers

while DFMXpress allows teams to work in a way that will help their

manufacturers. Solid Works 2009 product line has had improvements in performance.

What are your plans for the year ahead?

In the coming year, we plan to expand our portfolio of products and the

focus would be to expand on our already existent easy-to-use technology so that

designers can focus more on designs and not on mastering the tools.

Lipsha das