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Started way back in 2006 on the sultry

beaches of Madh Island, as a platform for the nation's top 100 SPs to

get an insight into the industry

and technological trends; besides discussing the tier-2 channels

scenario, the href="">SP

Summit has come of age rising to prominence with the

progressively increasing zeal amidst the SPs. Previously, the SP

Summit focused over the industry insights and market overview, which

was fine tuned to cater to the needs of the then recognized SPs with

presentations from various market research agencies, sponsors and

personnel from the DQ Channels team. Maturing with age, the SP Summit

finally decided to go global in 2009 and take up various other issues

related directly or indirectly to the SP business like the market

dynamics, marketing and HR propaganda, new business horizons, key

technology utilization techniques and other issues. Clearly, now, the

SP Summit is not confined to the internal boundaries of Indian

business and technological dynamics in the tier-2 category, but a

schematic program, which can enhance the knowledge base of the SPs

and prepare them to take on the forthcoming and ongoing challenges.

As a part of its mission, the DQ Channels has always sought to benefit

the tier-2 SP

community in its own possible way and the SP Summit has evolved as

the canon of action in this venture.

Highlighting the importance of the SP

Summit, Pawan Khurana of QuantM Technologies, one of the delegates in

this year's SP Summit

said, “It was a great opportunity and platform for us (SPs) to

interact with your great team (Team DQC) and all other participants.

It was a good learning experience to attend all the session. Each of

the session was well researched, thoughtfully planned and perfectly




This year, unlike the past topics, DQ

Channels team decided to take up the topic of global positioning of
the SPs; noticing the fact, that many SPs are venturing into overseas

expansions and acquisitions and using the Web 2.0 tool for business

their purposes. Besides, with the industry experts opining, that the

global slowdown is waning away and tier-2 SPs are getting more

matured and technology-friendly than ever before, a term 'New Age

SP' was coined by the team of DQ Channels. This new breed of SPs

are projected to be everambitious, too much aggressive in their

business overview and are speculated to adapt to the technological

flux at an incredible speed. After identifying this new breed in an

earlier cover story in DQ Channels and understanding the 'new

requirements of the SPs at the start of the new decade', DQ Channels

decided to address

this subject matter as the primary point of discussion making it the

'theme of the 6th SP Summit'. “New Age SP is a much talked

about matter of discussion. Although I had a rough idea and could

perceive what it hints to, the idea was not concrete. With DQ

Channels projecting this topic and letting us know about the new

focus areas where we can grow, the topic was perfect, as a theme for

the SP Summit,” said Anil Kumar TV of Bengaluru-based Dhanush

Infosol, one of the delegates in the event.



With innovation being the key to the SP

Summit, DQ Channels has always strived to deliver more to its delegates

with three major changes made

to the format and presentation of the SP Summit. In the event format,

after careful evaluation by DQ Channels, the team decided to partner

with ISODA paving the way for direct SP involvement in the Summit.

ISODA has been addressing major issues plaguing the SP community in

terms of software,

particularly related to double taxation. Over the past two years, ISODA

has been actively fighting

against double taxation on software products. Apparently, it has set a

goal, wherein it wants a clear and

sensible taxation regime where there should be no double taxation

(service tax or VAT, not both).

However, the challenges in front of ISODA are, that industry

associations have divergent views about taxation, key people do not

have a clear and realistic view of IT software business, and lastly,

government and industry are not in sync. Rajesh Kothari, Chairman of

ISODA said,

“In order to understand the nature of IT software, we have to

follow the classic story of an elephant being described by blind

people. IT software is a huge, complex and invisible elephant. And a

proper commercial and legal understanding is a must to have a purview

of the whole gamut of things.” “The main issues are, that IT

software delivery model is complex, delivery of IT software and

related services are intricately linked, and it is for the supplier

to decide if IT software should be used as a good or as a service.

Now, we want the bureaucracy to have a clear understanding of the IT

software business model and laws should be in line with current

business environment,” Kothari added.

With the partnership with ISODA in

place, the association benefited in addressing its issues and its

deeds in a more interactive way whereby DQ Channels was able to

bridge the gap of direct SP participation in the Summit. In the

second place, the SMB and the government space was another key topic

for discussion apart from the theme of the Summit. Ashis Sanyal, Former


Director-Department of Information Technology, Ministry of IT and

Communications said that, the National

e-Governance Plan (NeGP) implementation is opening up significant

opportunities for the solution providers in India, and there is a

larger scope for providing end-to-end solution and service the

government-driven programs. “For sustainable inclusive growth, we

see ICT as an effective enabler for the deployment of ICT in all

talks of government business, massive application of electronic

governance, and there is a need to bring in citizen-centricity in

government activities,” he said. Presenting a rosy picture, Sanyal

said that, government is focusing on a multitude of

application features, that include standard-based, inter-operable,

secured, authenticated, vendor neutral and platform independent, as

well as amenable to tracking, monitoring and auditing. All projects

using ICT hardware and software abundantly will give rise to

significant business opportunity in the

next three to five years.

Next in line were the premiere five

break-out sessions involving all the delegates and sponsors, as part

of DQ Channels attempt to address ground reality issues and problems.

From decision making process, adherence to 'bell curve' and HR

related issues touching upon the facade of marketing challenges and

brand building, the topics also covered technological spheres as new

business opportunities. In the five groups, that were formed to

discuss and deliberate over the SP tier-2 process, DQ Channels

received an overwhelming participation from its delegates. The format

also included the traditional key-note sessions, the welcome and

thanks-giving format and the regular sponsor offerings in terms of

presentations and question hour.



As part of the third major innovation

in this year's SP Summit, DQ Channels modified the award categories

dramatically to meet upto the expectations of the new Age SPs and be

in tune with the industry dynamics. So long, for the DQ Channels

team, award categorization and nomination has been the most delicate

part during the pre-event days. Explaining the need to change the

award format and the categories, Rajneesh De, Executive Editor, DQ

Channels said, “Previously, the award categories and nominations

were based on the nomination forms given out during SP Summit

registration. However, now, with our editorial team introspecting

each element of the SPs and cross checking with industry experts, we

have done away with the traditional process.”

The awards were judged by an

independent panel of industry experts on the basis of the data

provided to DQ Channels during the Silver Club held at the end of

September 2010. Also, the data collected during the newly introduced

'Solution Champs' (Jan 15, 2011: Special issue) provided another

criteria for award nominations. After much editorial deliberation

over the award reformatting, DQ Channels decided to present the

awards in three categories; namely, the 'Solution Champs' based on the


performance and its concentration over top 11 technologies and

trends, the 'Traditional Awards', based on the data collected and

judged during the rankings in the Silver Club and 'Regional Rajas',

where the SPs were judged across the nation with focus over their

regional contributions and flow of business. After a careful process

of omissions and additions in finalizing the Solution Champs

category, DQ Channels identified the top 11 technologies and key

business areas in consultation with industry veterans, the SPs and

the vendors.


The categories and the respective

winners were —

Networking: Frontier Business


Unified Communications: Gemini



Business Intelligence: Team


Automated Services: ECV Infotech

Infrastructure Management:

Associated Business Computers


Managed Printing Services:

Quadsel and System Tech (joint)

Security Solutions: Allied


Structured Cabling: Artek


Storage Solutions: Precision


Software Solutions: Triffin


Cloud Computing: QuantM Net

In the next category, DQ Channels

thought it was best to stick to the original format of the awards, ie

honoring the top SPs across India.

With six awards under this category,

the winners in each category were—

Top Solution Provider:

Gold — Sai Infosystems;

Silver — Allied Digital

Fastest Growing SP:

Gold — Velocis Systems;

Silver — Omnitech Solutions

Best Deployment:

Gold — Wysetech System


Silver — Pranaav Tele-Ventures

The third category of awards was

another dramatic innovation in this year's Channel Excellence

Awards. Recognizing the feat of talent in the regions and analyzing

the business concentration of the top 100 SPs in local business, DQ

Channels had divided the nation into four zones; namely, North,

South, East and West; and based upon the independent panel, one

'Regional Raja' has been identified from each region.

The Winners were

North: Velocis Systems

South: Precision Infomatic

West: Orient Technologies

East: Embee Software


Keeping in mind, not to make the SP

Summit a dull experience confined to the walls of mature business and

technological academics within the premium Conference Hall of Hotel

Grand Seasons, DQ Channels decided to venture out to explore the city

of Kula Lumpur providing the delegates and all attendees a glimpse of

the acclaimed Petronas, mini-Times Square, Independence Square,

King's Palace, and the Chocolate Factory amongst others.

Although it rained throughout the day

which is a natural phenomenon for the equatorial climate in Malaysia,

it could not dampen the spirit of the SP Summit attendees. Also, an

entertainment night consisting of belly-dance shows and performance

by magicians was organized. However, the karaoke performance by the

delegates was the most impressive act of the night. At the end of the

day, what matters the most to DQ Channels team is satisfactory

conclusion of the event. It was well received by the delegates and

they were full of praises for DQ Channels.

“It was a very nice experience to be

a part of the prestigious SP Summit. Besides the well researched and

versed topics fruitful to our business line, DQ Channels provided an

excellent opportunity for us to interact with each other and took

immense care of us,” said Sumit Kumar of Life Computers. Also,

appreciating the same, Satish Chaudhary of Kolkata-based Techniche

Consulting Services said, “It is always a pleasure to be a part of

this celebrated event. With the change in format this time, I am very