The Same Band Of Boys

DQC Bureau
New Update

Perception, philosophers say, is as close to reality that most people can

achieve in a lifetime. This is why perception about a brand can actually play a

critical role in its success and failure in any market.


To some extent, it is also perception about a brand that makes it more

successful than its competition, though the two might have over- lapping

attributes in terms of product quality, pricing and even business strategies.

Sometimes, some brands become synonymous with certain product categories, and so

strongly that customers might be blinded to the existence of other players in

that space.

This is exactly what came to the fore in the sixth Channel Satisfaction

Survey, commis-sioned by DQ Channels and conducted by IDC India. Across most of

the product categories, of the total 700 respondents who were polled, 454 voted

for HP India. The respondents' perception about the brand was highly favorable,

mostly, and in some cases very few even opted for the other vendors that were

equally strong in that product category!


Besides this, there were not many surprises in store in the Channel

Satisfaction Survey results this year. The same vendors who held the top slots

last year dominated the survey results this year as well. The only exception was

in the security software category, where Quick Heal was the leader, while

Kaspersky was a close second.

Like last year this year too, the one aspect that most respondents clearly

stated was very critical in ensuring their satisfaction with brands, was that of

product quality. It was also interesting to note that while most of the

respondents felt that instead of investing in brand image, vendors need to look

closer home and pay more attention to relationship management.

Within relationship management, they wanted it to be as person-agnostic as is

possible. This means that even if a particular account manager quits the

company, the vendor should still have the same level of engagement with the

channel partner and should honor the commitments made by that account manager.


This, and several other interesting learnings, comes forth in the survey

results, which fill in the next few pages of the magazine. This time around, the

survey was made more comprehensive with added attributes being defined in each

parameter, each of which have been touched upon in the accompanying articles.

We have taken the pains to tell vendors what the channel wants from them. And

we will also felicitate the vendors who have taken the efforts to meet the

channel expectations. We now need you, dear reader, to tell us, what you think

about the survey and how we can improve it further.

Vinita Bhatia